Krum Hadzhigeorgiev (’00) Becomes Chair of BASSCOM Board

June 17, 2024
Krum Hadzhigeorgiev (’00) Becomes Chair of BASSCOM Board

AUBG alumnus Krum Hadzhigeorgiev (’00) has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies’ (BASSCOM). He is a long-time member of the BASSCOM Board of Directors.

Krum is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria, executive director for Southeast Europe in the consulting company in the field of digital transformation Kin+Carta, which was recently acquired by the French company Valtech, whose team, after the acquisition, numbers 8,000 specialists. He is the founder of the Bulgarian software company Melon with offices in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Kosovo.

BASSCOM is one of the most influential associations in the field of high technologies in our country. It has a 23-year history behind it and is the basis of a number of initiatives, causes and projects, developing and endorsing the software sector as a driver of the Bulgarian economy. BASSCOM will serve as a force, attracting investors and IT talents to Bulgaria, promoting the advantages of the software business in Bulgaria.

“I take over the leadership of BASSCOM with a sense of gratitude for the vote of confidence from my colleagues, but also with a sense of great responsibility. The world economy continues to face challenges related to accelerated digital transformations, and the Bulgarian economy is visibly lagging behind these processes. In the coming years, I see the role of BASSKOM in continuing to be an even stronger advocate for the modernization of Bulgarian education, so that it adequately follows the needs of business. We will also be an active part of the common effort of the united innovative industries to participate in the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation,” says Krum Hadjigeorgiev.

Apart from Krum Hadzhigeorgiev, another AUBG alumnus – Georgi Yanchev (’07), VP Finance of Chaos, joined the BASSCOM Board, as well.

AUBG is excited to share our alumni’s exceptional achievements with our international community.