Kaloyan Georgiev and his Plethora of Activities

July 27, 2023 Greti Georgieva
Kaloyan Georgiev and his Plethora of Activities

Kaloyan Georgiev is one of the newly accepted students at AUBG rewarded with a full scholarship. He graduated from TUES – Technological school “Electronic Systems” associated with the Technical University of Sofia. He is interested in science and its applications in various fields and business, and loves exploring how different mechanisms and devices such as computers, clocks, and engines work. Kaloyan has a variety of hobbies, such as software engineering, sports and martial arts to name a few. He also loves reading and his taste in books is as diverse as his interests stemming from science, technology and biographies of important figures.

In a series of articles, we talk to the students who will join the AUBG community in Fall 2023. We are talking with Kaloyan about his academic interests, extracurricular activities and AUBG expectations.

Academic life

His vocational field is “Systems programming” and since he finds great enthusiasm in software engineering of all kinds, he has been practicing it as a hobby outside of school. His curiosity about the application of physics, mathematics, and philosophy into the social sciences pushed him to write a thesis on “Implementation of a communication protocol for embedment in a medical device” as one of his final examinations.

“It consisted of about 50 pages of the underlying theory, research on the subject, and implementation details,” Kaloyan said.

Extracurricular activities

Kaloyan already has a taste of hackathons and startup programs. He was part of Teenovator, a program that focuses on popularizing entrepreneurship among teenagers and teaching basic principles of developing a business, and two startup weekends.

“I figured out I have zero business knowledge and as the opportunity arose to participate in Teenovator I decided to do it. There over a year my interest in entrepreneurship and business developed.”

He was also a participant in three hackathons and won first place in the last one with four of his classmates. About them, Kaloyan said that they “teach a lot about teamwork, help grow your network of professionals, give you an objective view of your level of skills, and are a lot of fun.”

He used the experience he gained through them to organize Hack TUES 8, an annual event traditionally organized by students in the 11th grade, and TUES Fest 2022, an open house event at his high school.

“It required nine months of extracurricular work with a team of 13 classmates with the help of a mentor and the network of alumni to make everything work, resulting in over 200 participants from our school and over 20 sponsor companies from the IT sector in the hackathon and over 900 live visitors and similar student participation of TUES Fest.”


Because of his multiple interests in a variety of academic fields, Kaloyan has always been keen on liberal arts education. The choice of a university has been an important one for him, because he believes that it is very determining for his future. After an add popped up on his feed that AUBG was awarding full scholarships, he decided to research the university a little bit more, even though it seemed like an “unorthodox choice here in Bulgaria.”

About his experience during the AUBG Open House Kaloyan said:

“What I saw at the Open House event was important, since it reminded me of what we do at TUES and the community we have, which I think is core to the success of TUES alumni. The teachers who were there were also very attentive and answered every single one of my questions and AUBG felt more and more aligned with my beliefs and aspirations.”

The success of AUBG alumni in various fields and them crediting the university as their foundation, was the ultimate benefit that convinced him to apply.


“I hope to meet interesting and like-minded people, learn a lot, challenge myself in various aspects, get a competitive education, and have fun while doing it.” 

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