In remembrance of Professor Alexander Ganchev

November 13, 2023
In remembrance of Professor Alexander Ganchev

This week, we reflect on the enduring legacy of our beloved Professor Alexander Ganchev. A cherished friend of Panitza Library, Professor Ganchev’s generosity enriched our collection with invaluable books that played a pivotal role in its growth. His unwavering dedication to our cause, along with his insightful recommendations, significantly influenced our library’s collection development decisions. Professor Ganchev’s absence is keenly felt, and we will forever hold his friendship, contributions, and professional guidance in the highest regard.

In appreciation of his profound impact, we are honored to showcase a curated selection of the remarkable books he generously donated to Panitza Library, now available for your exploration.

Alexander Ganchev (1955-2022) was a distinguished mathematician and physicist, celebrated for his pioneering work in mathematical physics, representation theory, and category theory. As a revered professor at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), he ignited the passion for mathematics in numerous students and imparted knowledge in a diverse range of subjects, including calculus, linear algebra, and differential geometry.

Professor Ganchev’s research pursuits were marked by his groundbreaking contributions to conformal field theory, representation theory, q-groups, and the application of category theory in physics. His indelible imprint on the scientific community continues to shape ongoing research endeavors.

His enduring legacy as an exceptional educator, researcher, and mentor will forever be treasured by all whose lives were enriched by his wisdom and guidance!