Elena Rosberg’s Glimpse Into Media | Z-Rock Radio

April 17, 2024
Elena Rosberg’s Glimpse Into Media | Z-Rock Radio

Elena Rosberg was a special speaker in the third edition of the AUBG Daily conference “A Glimpse at the media”.

We republish an article, originally shared on the Z-Rock Radio website in Bulgarian.

The forum is organized by the AUBG Daily club at the American University in Bulgaria, and the club is run entirely by students dedicated to the cause of freedom of speech and independent journalism. The event aims to create a dialogue between emerging media professionals and the university community.

“I am impressed by the young people who visited the forum ,” shared Elena Rozberg. “And by the adequate questions they asked, as well as by the knowledge and interest they demonstrated. The presentation was held entirely in English, as there were foreign students and professors in the audience, along with their Bulgarian colleagues and guests from Blagoevgrad.”

The topic of Elena Rosberg’s exclusive lecture was “The power of radio to unite people through music”. The Z-Rock presenter laid out three main points: the universality of radio as a medium available almost everywhere, allowing music to reach a wide audience regardless of social status or location; an emotional bond through which people can share common emotions and perceptions, thus bonding and strengthening the community; radio is a key tool for building cultural identity by spreading musical styles and trends, helping people identify with certain musical genres or artists, thus creating a sense of belonging and community.

“The attitude of foreign popular artists to the Bulgarian public is special,” said Rosberg, who as a journalist conducts exclusive interviews with the world’s biggest rock stars. “I often manage to introduce some of our bands in such conversations. In this way, the international artists become ambassadors of the radio, which, in the person of the program director Spas Shurulinkov, uncompromisingly selects its playlist, and on a larger scale both of our music and of Bulgaria, which receives additional positives for its image as a strong musical destination.”

Elena Rosberg singled out Z-Rock for its ability to build a loyal community of rock music fans. The power of radio to connect young rock musicians with the general public is remarkable, as is the successful establishment of Bulgaria as a preferred venue for concerts created through the connection between the media and world music stars.

“We have a ranking for all Bulgarian rock music, ” added Elena Rozberg, “every hour they play several Bulgarian rock songs. Almost every day we have guest Bulgarian musicians who are given air time. I can’t help but highlight our digital platform RADIOCAST , through which most of the conversations with Bulgarian artists and world stars are fully developed.”

The topic of RADIOCAST and podcasts as a modern media tool also generated interest during the forum. The audience shared comments about interesting podcast interviews of Elena Rosberg, and a student celebrated his personal record, in which he listened to Rosberg’s podcast 4 times with Nasko and Slavi from BTR .