Class of 2024, Then and Now

June 11, 2024 Martin Georgiev
Class of 2024, Then and Now

In the summer of 2020, AUBG’s 30th class of students was preparing for the next step of their academic journey. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and amid restrictions, uncertainty and online classes, we wanted to highlight something positive that wasn’t a PCR test. So we asked 30 people from the Class of 2024 what they’re most looking forward to at AUBG and posted their answers on social media.

Four years later, we remembered that initiative and decided to check back with these students. Having gone through their journey, we wanted to know what the most important thing they got from AUBG is.

This is them then and now.

Aelita Khusnutdinova

Antonia Rusalieva

Anusher Mahmadjonov

Bianca Deyanova

Boris Yotov

Boyana Nikolova

Brigita Andonova

Diana Materova

Dimitar Kirov

Hristina Tsonkova

Irakli Rukhaia

Maria Alexandrova

Mohamad Hachem

Omar Cherchmi

Sabel Basheva

Simona Gyuzleva

Teodor Nedev

Tsvetina Georgieva

Vladislava Kalauzka