AUBGenesis Documentary with Another Milestone

December 13, 2023
AUBGenesis Documentary with Another Milestone

AUBG has made another exciting step for the upcoming documentary — the partnership with Starche Entertainment, led by alumnus and accomplished producer Georgi Iliev (’96), was confirmed laying out the plans for the documentary’s scope and creative approach. With this agreement, AUBG is all set to bring to life the inspiring story of its founding in a compelling and accessible way.

The Project

The AUBGenesis Documentary Project, a multimedia initiative commemorating AUBG’s 30th anniversary, is designed to record and present the university’s inception and its significant impact regionally and globally. This project, consisting of a feature-length documentary and several shorter films, will not only chronicle the extraordinary stories of those pivotal in establishing AUBG but also serve as a critical resource for journalists, historians, and the general public.

The inception of AUBG in the hectic period post-Communism, spearheaded by visionaries like George Soros, Dimi Panitza and other notable figures, is a narrative of resilience, innovation, and transformation.

“It is a story that deserves to be told,” said Georgi.

The Producer

Georgi Iliev, a writer and a producer, brings his experience and personal connection to AUBG. His journey from a journalism student at AUBG to an accomplished playwright and novelist, and his work in film and television production in Bulgaria and beyond, helps him capture the essence of AUBG’s story.

Georgi’s vision for the project is to explore the genesis of AUBG, the challenges it faced and overcame, and its success as an enduring symbol of educational and democratic progress. His passion for the story is evident: “It’s a story of mystery, inspiration, and insight… The film’s happy ending is that AUBG is a success story. So let’s make a document of how it began.”

The Progress

The genesis of this idea came during AUBG’s 30th anniversary celebrations, as alumni Ralitza Nikolaeva, Board member, and Daniel Tomov envisioned commemorating this milestone through a documentary. Georgi’s script, developed through extensive research and interviews, addresses not only the historical context but also the contemporary challenges to Western democracy and education’s role in addressing them.

So far, research has been conducted, a script developed, and interviews with key figures completed. The project is financed through donations from the board, alumni, and friends, along with a grant from the National Film Center, and is now entering a critical phase of production.

“This documentary is more than just a recounting of events it’s a celebration of the spirit and legacy of AUBG,” said President Ensign. “It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of education and the impact it can have on individuals and societies. We hope this project resonates with you as much as it does with us and that it inspires you to continue shaping your own stories of success.”

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