AUBG Welcomes 308 New Students on Campus

September 30, 2022 American University in Bulgaria
AUBG Welcomes 308 New Students on Campus

In Fall 2022, 263 first-year students together with 45 exchange students join the AUBG community on a journey of pursuing a liberal arts education. The biggest class in more than a decade consists of representatives of 32 countries, ranging from neighboring Balkan and European states to the Kingdom of Morocco, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the State of Palestine.

Among the first-year students, one may find a chairman of the Bulgarian Children’s Council for Child Protection, a recipient of the AUBG Civic Medal of Honor, and winners of art and science competitions, international and European badminton championships, and literary contests. For their outstanding achievements inside and outside of the classroom, more than 90 percent of the first-year students received financial support.

This year’s orientation week program involved not only diversity and library trainings, health and well-being workshops, advising and course registration sessions, but also a sports night, a karaoke and pizza evening, a scavenger hunt, and a talent show.

When talking about his first days at AUBG, a third-year transfer student from Flagstaff, Arizona, US, Finn Perelstein shared his excitement about being on campus. “Everything has been so structured, and every fine detail has been thought through,” Finn said. “It was a really good balance of free time, social events, and lectures to get people going and understanding the campus.”

“We are looking forward to an on-ground semester without any COVID cases,” said AUBG President Dr. David Evans during the all-campus picnic. “Still, we count on each of you to be responsible and careful, to take care of yourself, and to protect the community. We will continue to work hard to ensure that you’re safe.”