AUBG Psychology Lab Opening

February 06, 2024
AUBG Psychology Lab Opening

The Philosophy and Psychology Department makes a strong start of the Spring 2024 semester with the opening of the AUBG’s own Psychology Lab. The opening served as a milestone for the Philosophy and Psychology Department to celebrate a milestone of the development of the Psychology program at AUBG as one of the newest ones on campus that quickly became one of the most popular ones, as well.

The lab’s primary goal is to amplify the scope of research conducted at AUBG. This means more opportunities for professors to delve deeper into their fields, and for students to gain hands-on experience. The opening of a special lab allows for curriculum centered learning and training but also designing experiments, collecting data, analyzing results, and interpreting your findings. These are real-world skills that’ll give you a competitive edge in your psychology degree and future career.


Big Gallery Image

Big Gallery Image

Beyond Observation

While the lab was initially designed for observation studies, recent upgrades have opened exciting new avenues. With expanded monitor and headphone capabilities, students and faculty can now explore the fascinating realms of visual and auditory stimuli like:

  • reaction time experiments
  • deciphering facial expressions
  • or tracking eye movements


The lab is accessible for psychology students to put in practice their theoretical knowledge for their own research projects, fostering a vibrant research community within the university. The great news is that it was built on open source software so that it’s accessible for students beyond the lab on their own devices.