AUBG Joins the Open Society University Network: Collaboration, Civic Engagement and Cultural Exchange

September 04, 2022
AUBG Joins the Open Society University Network: Collaboration, Civic Engagement and Cultural Exchange

From the United States and France to Colombia, Haiti and Bulgaria, students can now learn from each other, exchange ideas and foster a culture of dialogue and debate thanks to the Open Society University Network (OSUN). Together with dozens of other prestigious institutions from across the globe, AUBG is now an official member institution of the network founded by BARD college and Central European University.

What that means for AUBG students is that they can now enroll in a number of international courses that would count as equivalent to AUBG courses and that would provide them with the chance to meet and work with peers from around the world. Just recently, the AUBGers had the opportunity to enroll in more than 25 OSUN summer courses in the fields of journalism and mass communication, political science, economics and psychology.

An international and multicultural organization, OSUN “envisions a new model of global higher education—a long-lasting network with deep partnerships among diverse institutions committed to addressing global challenges collaboratively.” The network offers courses for students across multiple campuses, allowing them to collaborate despite physical distance. With its student-focused teaching, commitment to offer blended learning for disadvantaged communities, and emphasis on “civic engagement in teaching, research, and cocurricular activities,” OSUN seeks to advance the promotion of liberal education, personal autonomy, and free society.

The OSUN Courses are virtual international exchanges that unite students and faculty from universities located in different parts of the world in an inverted classroom. The OSUN students share knowledge, conduct joint research projects, collaborate and prepare to address the global challenges of tomorrow.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the educational processes worldwide, the OSUN network is a testament to the universities’ leadership commitment to leverage online education and enhance the learning experience. The undoubtedly challenging past 16 months have in fact opened doors to new and exciting opportunities to expand the very meaning of education and strengthen democratic processes globally.