AUBG and ARC Academy Join Forces to Offer Superior Education Opportunities

September 04, 2022
AUBG and ARC Academy Join Forces to Offer Superior Education Opportunities
The American University in Bulgaria and ARC Academy will collaborate to offer students innovative academic degree courses in a partnership that aims to create superior educational opportunities to support career development, workforce recruitment and retention, and advancement of the quality of life in Bulgaria and beyond. Starting this fall, ARC Academy will move its classes to AUBG’s Elieff Center for Education and Culture in Sofia, which will mark the beginning of future joint ventures.

As a leading liberal arts institution in the region, AUBG constantly seeks opportunities to enhance its academic offerings and collaborate with top-quality educational organizations. ARC Academy, which offers an array of creative programs and courses, was co-founded by Anthony Christov, who spent 30 years working in Hollywood and has 18 years of experience as art director at Pixar (Finding Nemo, Wall-e, The Incredibles 2 and many more), and Milin Djalaliev, an award-winning advertising and branding manager with experience in some of Bulgaria’s top advertising agencies.

“AUBG and ARC share a common commitment to providing outstanding education to promising students to support their personal and professional aspirations,” said AUBG President Dr. David Evans. “We see and appreciate the synergies between AUBG’s tradition of success in educating entrepreneurs and leaders in technology, business, and the liberal arts, and ARC’s unique combination of professional expertise and vision in developing innovative programs in game development and other contemporary disciplines.”

“We are very excited about the possibilities of this partnership,” said ARC Academy co-founder Anthony Christov. “Combining the practical training we have worked hard to establish and improve, with the academic structure and extensive experience of AUBG, will increase the value we offer to our students, which is always our ultimate goal.”

Together, AUBG and ARC Academy will work on developing and supporting cooperative academic degree programs in AUBG’s and ARC’s respective areas of expertise. The two educational institutions will also support training and professional development programs for new and experienced professionals in these areas of expertise. In addition, AUBG and ARC Academy will host events, such as e-gaming competitions, that provide opportunities for young people to engage in productive and fun activities aligned with AUBG’s and ARC’s respective missions.