AM Explorer trial (February 14 – May 7, 2023)

February 14, 2023
AM Explorer trial (February 14 – May 7, 2023)

Panitza Library is pleased to inform you that from February 14th – May 7th, 2023 we will have access to AM Explorer.

AM Explorer is the gateway to a broad and diverse range of primary source content spanning the fifteenth to twenty-first centuries.

  • Explore interdisciplinary connections – 122 digital collections spanning the social sciences and humanities.
  • Leverage advanced search technology – 28 million pages of content accessed through built-in federated search.
  • Enhance student engagement – 260,000 audio-visual minutes to help transform teaching and research.

Please note that PDF download options are not available but double clicking on thumbnails shows a larger high-res version.

  • Through AM Explorer, you can now search millions of pages of primary sources spanning the 15th – 21st centuries, including a wealth of new content added every year.
  • Award-winning digital resources spanning the social sciences and humanities, developed in collaboration with leading libraries and archives
  • Discover millions of pages of unique primary source content which empower students and researchers to develop critical thinking
  • Powerful digital collections that transform teaching and research on important themes such as: Borders and Migrations, Gender and Sexuality, Global History, and War and Conflict
  • Single point of access through AM Explorer with built-in federated search functionality across all collections
  • Range of additional features to enhance student engagement including Handwritten Text Recognition, Data Visualization, Video and Oral Histories

Introduction to AM Explorer –

The access is provided within the University network and remotely.

If you have questions regarding the trial or would like to give us feedback, please contact Gergana Atanasova.