Aleksandrina Hadzhigeorgieva Helping Students Find Their Voice

March 18, 2024 Tsvetana Haydushka
Aleksandrina Hadzhigeorgieva Helping Students Find Their Voice

Aleksandrina Hadzhigeorgieva is double-majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication & Literature and minoring in Creative Writing. Apart from her strictly academic responsibilities, she is also a member of the More Honors satirical student club and a tutor at the Writing Center. In 2023, she one the first prize in University Council Competition, with her essay on the topic of “Is there a human attribute that AI can never surpass?”.

The AUBG writing tutors work individually with students to help them improve their writing skills. From research papers to policy briefs or theses, writing tutors strengthen students’ voices as a writers.

As a writing tutor, Aleksandrina wanted to be the support for other people who want to write, as she wish she had when she was writing.  “I decided to become a tutor because I want to help people put their thoughts on the page and express themselves in the best way possible.” Stepping in the shoes of the writers, she is making sure to encourage the students to find their own voice.

“When writing, don’t be afraid to get vulnerable and let your personality and experience shine through – everyone has a story worth telling.”

Reflecting on her AUBG journey so far, Aleksandrina advises other students to make the best out of their university life.

“Stay curious and ask questions, take advantage of all the opportunities you have here, and don’t forget to take care of yourself, mentally and physically.”

“AUBG has a diverse, tight-knit community where everyone can find their place and learn about different perspectives and backgrounds. There are also numerous opportunities for both personal and academic development.”

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