A Summer Sci-Tech Academy Enables You to Explore Your Love for Science

January 23, 2023
A Summer Sci-Tech Academy Enables You to Explore Your Love for Science

The American University in Bulgaria and University for Kids have joined forces to offer an unmatched summer experience where you can explore your love for science while making new friends and collecting unforgettable summer memories. Set in the beautiful AUBG campus in Blagoevgrad, the Sci-Tech Academy will enhance your scientific intuition and introduce you to the exciting world of technology and scientific discoveries. Entirely practice-oriented, following the STEM approach to education, the academy will take place in the well-equipped physics and technology labs at AUBG and will offer an array of hands-on exercises, fascinating experiments, and inspiring teamwork projects.

“At the Sci-Tech Academy you will dive into a mesmerizing world full of spectacular scientific experiments. Each day you will explore different realms of nature while performing noisy, bright and thermal experiments. Of course, you would be properly equipped with a lab coat, safety glasses and lab gloves. Prepare for full immersion with science!” – Lachezar Hristov

University for Kids aims to inspire and empower students through lots of practical work, mainly in the fields of the natural sciences, arts, and technology. Participants gain practical skills through doing experiments in physics or chemistry, and participating in summer academies or weekend courses. This time, our collective efforts shaped a two-week experience of discovering robotics, electronics, and science!


Here are just a few examples of the things you will be doing during the two-week academy:

  • Exploring the night sky with our big Dobsonian telescope
  • Defining the trajectory of a potato by shooting it from our potato gun
  • Developing programming code and creating smart devices
  • Going on a field trip to some of Sofia’s leading scientific companies

Week 1

The first week is all about robotics and electronics. You will attend a morning and an afternoon session each day where you will explore the world of hardware and software through soldering and building your own boards, working with smart sensors, developing programming code for Arduino microcontrollers, and creating smart devices. The process will culminate with a group project that you will develop and present with your teammates at the end of the week.

Big Gallery Image

Big Gallery Image

Week 2

During the second week of the academy, you will explore scientific discoveries through experiential learning in physics and chemistry. You will perform experiments on your own and measure and draw scientific conclusions under the strict supervision of science professors. The experiments we selected specifically reflect the most recent scientific discoveries and technology trends.

The Academy will close off with a final Sci-Tech project and the presentation for its implementation in real life as a start-up or scientifically applicable patent which would benefit humanity.

“In the Age of extraordinary scientific and technological advancements many struggles to find the appropriate form of training that will provoke their creative thinking and develop their technical skills. It is with the Sci-Tech Summer Academy that we try to address these needs by providing a solid scientific and technological setting for the minds of the young and enhancing their entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, they will not only learn about science but will also come up with new ways/ideas of harnessing this vast amount of knowledge in service of the future development.” – Yavor Kiryakov, AUBG Alumnus (’12) and Founder of University for Kids.


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