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List of Discounts

See where you can use discounts as part of the AUBG Alumni Benefits Program

Consumer Goods
    • Exclusive offer: 10% discount

    INOKIM Bulgaria is a multinational technology company that designs, develops and sells electric scooters and bikes.

    • Exclusive offer: 35% discount on non-promotional items and a free eye exam
    Leonardo Optics Website:

    In Leonardo Optics stores, you can find sunglasses and frames from world-famous designer brands. Among their abundant choice of eyewear, you can also discover the best products from both contact lenses and ophthalmic lenses for your prescription frames. Stepping past the designer eyewear you will encounter a team of trained professionals who will help you make the right choice. Their optical stores are equipped with modern medical solutions for eye diagnosis, and they will help you find the best solution to suit your needs.

    • Exclusive offer: The cardholders will receive a discount of 5% on non-promotional items. *Exceptions are promotional goods (METRO mail), cigarettes, METRO coupons, packaging and discounted goods.
    Metro Website:

    METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria EOOD - will issue individual Metro cards providing their owners with the opportunity to: make purchases in the METRO stores; receive promotional communication, additional special discounts and offers in different months of the year.

    The process of issuing а Metro card is as follows:

    fill in the online registration form;
    the application is processed and registered;
    a confirmation of the registration will be sent to the e-mail specified in the filled out form (within 10 working days);
    AUBG alumni can either use the digital METRO card by downloading the Bulgaria app or take their physical card from a Metro store.

    • Exclusive offer: 15% Off
    Escreo Website:
    Escreo Website:

    Escreo is a company that manufactures functional paints. Magnetic, Whiteboard and Air Purifying paint.

    • Exclusive offer: 10% Off
    Intellect Schools of Languages Website:

    Intellect Schools of Languages аre among the pioneers on the language services market. For 21 years, over 90,000 students have undergone training at Intellect. The languages offered are English, German, Spanish, Italian and French, as well as Bulgarian for foreigners.

    • Exclusive Offer: 30% from the price of a course or of a package of courses by Xplora Academy
    • Special Offer for Founders and Small Business Owners: One hours of free consultation for AUBG alumni who are startup founders or owners of small businesses, so that we help with better planning of the digital marketing of their business. Thus we will get as well better understanding which course could be of help to the founders and owners so that they further upgrade their knowledge and skills
    Xplora Academy Website:

    The mission of Xplora Academy is to be a trusted partner to all stakeholders involved with digital marketing. If you are an AUBG alumni and you plan to upgrade your digital marketing skills, especially in Facebook advertising, Instagram or Google Ads, then do not hesitate to contact us

    • Exclusive Offer: 25% Off with the code AUBGALUMNI
    Lavity Digital Website:

    "Salesforce Active Learning System" - A Notion template that helps you learn Salesforce more efficiently with active learning techniques (Cornell note-taking system and flashcards with spaced repetition), and a lot of hand-picked useful Salesforce materials. These materials include practice exams, the best Salesforce courses, the best Chrome extensions for Salesforce, job application tracker, and much more.

    • Exclusive Offer: 15%
    NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. Website:

    NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. is a pioneer in cutting-edge eLearning solutions. We understand the evolving landscape of education and training. Our mission is to empower organizations and learners by providing comprehensive, customizable, and user-friendly digital learning experiences. Our solutions, ranging from interactive courseware to adaptive learning platforms, are designed to cater to diverse learning styles and organizational needs. We pride ourselves on leveraging the latest technology to create engaging, effective, and accessible educational content. Whether you are looking to upskill your workforce, streamline your training processes, or offer flexible learning options, NIT – New Internet Technologies Ltd. is your ideal partner in transforming the way knowledge is delivered and absorbed.

Energy & Natural Resources
    • Exclusive Offer: 4% Discount from the price of fixed plans *The service is suited for SMEs and large enterprises.
    TOKI Website:

    TOKI is the first fully digital platform for providing electricity services in Bulgaria, operated by Toki Power AD. Developed specifically for the needs of the small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for large consumers and households, TOKI offers innovative products that until recently were not available to consumers on the Bulgarian market.

Fitness & Wellness
    • Exclusive Offer: 200 BGN off the annual subscription
    BB Team Website:

    How does it sound to you not to waste time planning your daily routine, meals and workouts? Your personal, better fitness assistant is here! The package itself is a 6- or 12-month period during whichan individual action plan is prepared. It includes physical activity (training at home or at your favorite sports center), nutritional strategy, taking nutritional supplements when needed as well as comprehensive monitoring of health status.

Food & Beverages
    • Exclusive Offer: 5% Off
    Check out The Little Things Facebook Page:

    The little things was created in the summer of 2014 by people with no experience in this field, but with a great love for food and comfort. It is located in a historic 100-year-old three-story house in the heart of Sofia. Each of the rooms has different design, with its own character and feeling.

    “Тhe idea behind the appearance of the restaurant is our desire to make our customers feel like they are guests in a friend house. In our food and drinks, we have invested all of our diligence and love - we want them not only delicious, but attractive as well. Our cuisine is seasonal and varied, and our desserts are different every day.” – The Little Thigs

    • Exclusive Offer: 10% Off
    Scapto Website:

    Skapto is a place for burgers, beers and friends. No exceptions. Skapto was born in 2013 with a simple idea that became a mission - to have a place in the city without pretentiousness. A place where people feel more themselves. Their smile is the most expensive ingredient and they always have it.

    • Exclusive Offer: 20% Off
    BAV.BG Website:

    BAV.BG sells natural food supplements of well-proven quality and origin with a wide range of flavors without added artificial preservatives and colorants. Their products are specifically designed to boost the health, stamina and strength of their consumers. They do offer other fitness-related products and services - nutrition plans, nutrition books and merchandise.

Fun & Entertainment
    • Exclusive Offer: 10% Off
    ROB - Bank Robbery Website:

    There is hardly a person who is not interested in what a bank robbery looks like. In the most mystical bank, your team has the task to break all the restrictions and carry out the largest robbery in history. Gather a team of like-minded people and jump on www.rob.bg.

    • Exclusive Offer: 10% Off
    Escape Room "Genius Madness" Website:

    Escape Room "Genius Madness"- in the heart of Sofia is one of the most popular rooms in Bulgaria, which will meet you with the life of a crazy genius. Created in line with the life of Van Gogh, the escape room "Genius Madness" will give you a taste of a different experience. Bring a team of friends and have fun, but remember that for your game to be successful, EVERYONE has to go out.

Information Technology, Services & Web Development
    • Exclusive Offer: 33% off on all of the hosting services (KVM VPS, Dedicated Instances, VZ7 VPS, and Shared Hosting)!

      At the moment this offer is applicable only for annual payments for everyone else but AUBG Alumni have an exclusive opportunity to get a monthly discount.

      Additionally, even when the services are not on discount or the prices go higher, AUBG Alumni will still be able to use their 33% discount.

    VPS.BG Website:

    VPS.BG is a Bulgarian local hosting company with the main goal to provide exceptional hosting services and strong privacy. From the very beginning, our passion for cloud technologies led to continuous search for improvement and innovation in the hosting sphere. Being also privacy-minded, we are relentless about protecting our customers’ personal data. This resulted in a well-built and secure infrastructure - the foundation of the reliable performance hosting services that our customers enjoy.

    • Exclusive Offer: 99 BGN upon approval
    SalesPRO Academy by MarketStar Bulgaria Website:

    SalesPRO, organized by MarketStar Bulgaria, is the first professional academy for sales and soft skills in Bulgaria. Participants undergo an extensive 5-month curriculum consisting of video trainings and gain theoretical and practical knowledge from experts with years of experience in sales. Upon completion of the program, graduates receive an official certification from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and an opportunity to work for the top tech companies in Bulgaria, Western Europe and the US. After joining SalesPRO, each participant is eligible for an interview with MarketStar Bulgaria. If MarketStar Bulgaria hires the candidate, the company will refund the amount invested in the academy.

    • Exclusive Offer: 40% discount on their services available with promo code.

      *Request your promo code at [email protected]

    EnhanCV Website:

    Enhancv helps you create a resume to be proud of. It's modern and people remember it. The tool guides you every step of the process so you can highlight your achievements, attitude, and personality. It's easy. And actually fun! Enhancv has helped users stand out even in companies such as Spotify, Tesla, Google, and many others.

    • Exclusive Offer: 8% Off
    Kvaba Interactive Website:

    Kvaba Interactive spelializes in Game Dev, AR, VR, interactive web experiences.

Management Consulting
    • Exclusive Offer: Consulting the AUBG Alumni Benefit Card holders in the process of career change and job search.
    Skill Force Website:

    Skill Force is a specialized consulting company in the field of human resources, personnel search and selection. To date, the company has successfully placed more than 500 professionals in management and expert positions. Skill Force is identified as a trusted partner of many Bulgarian and multinational companies and has helped expand the teams of both start-ups and established world organizations operating in various business sectors.

    • Exclusive Offer: Free personal financial consultations and will secure a manager or above in their structure to provide the best service for owners of the AUBG Benefit card.
    Infinite Trust Website:

    Infinite Trust is an independent consulting company specializing in personal finance management.

    • Exclusive Offer: One free consultation in each area of our activities; 15% discount on the attorney's fees;
    • For start-up companies: A special basic 12-month startup package, at the cost of 80 BGN per month, aiming to establish the main legal aspects of the company.
    Dimitrova, Staykova and Partners Website:

    Law firm "Dimitrova, Staykova and Partners" was established to bring together the efforts of a group of lawyers in order to solve large-scale problems with a high degree of factual and legal complexity. At the same time, taking into account the necessity of daily support for our clients in various areas of their activity, we have created specific practices for solving cases, which are with regular every-day complexity, but which are equally important for the protection of clients’ rights and interests. Last but not least, over the years our team has focused and specialized in specific areas of public relations; at present this impersonates in the provision of specific, identifiable legal services, different from traditional legal practices.

Video and Media Production & Creative Design
    • Exclusive Offer: 25% off the production company fee
    Handplayed Website:

    Handplayed is an award-winning full-service content creation studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We produce commercials, music videos, films & experiences.

    • Exclusive Offer: 10%
    CreativX Website:

    CreativX is a video editing startup, which has come to life from this season's edition of the AUBG Accelerator Elevate. They offer the ability for businesses and online content creators to outsource their video editing activities through them. Whether it would be explainer videos, social media ads, product videos or something else, they can take care of the video editing process.

    • Exclusive Offer: 10% Off
    Best Edit Website:

    Best Edit provides English-language document editing (CVs, essays, theses, memorandum, and more).

Medical & Aesthetic Services
    • Exclusive Offer: 15% Off on all dental services
    Anveli Dental Website:

    A French-Swiss chain of dental clinics. The dental services offered vary in the range of aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, traditional dental implantology and periodontology.

Translation & Legalization
    • Exclusive Offer: 10% Off
    Intellect Translation Agency Website:

    For 12 years now, the agency has been helping people who speak foreign languages to communicate successfully with each other. They also offer high-quality interpretation for scientific seminars, business negotiations, workshops and other occasions.

    • Exclusive Offer: 15% Discount

    NOETICA EOOD offers a full spectrum of translation and legalization services in all languages.