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Alumni Benefit Program

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What is the AUBG Alumni Benefit Program?

The AUBG Alumni Benefit Program is designed to thank you for being part of the AUBG Family and for being alumni of AUBG by providing you with the opportunity to own an AUBG Benefit Card. The card offers special alumni discounts on various services and privileged access to plenty of perks provided exclusively to the AUBG alumni family by companies and organizations managed or owned by fellow AUBGers and AUBG dear friends.

Now, we invite all of you – our AUBG alumni – to contribute to the success of this endeavor by:

  • providing an exclusive discount/service from your owned or managed business;
  • negotiating a special AUBG alumni benefit with your employer company;
  • inviting your network of business owners to support the AUBG Alumni Benefit Program.

The more value you add to the AUBG Alumni Benefit Program – the more there will be for you to benefit from! This time it is all for one – one for all!

Fill in the FORM or write to [email protected] and let us know whether your owned or managed business or a business you know of would like to offer a discount to the AUBG Alumni Community!

For the Members of the AUBG Alumni Directory

All members of the AUBG Alumni Directory will be able to get their hands on the exclusive AUBG Alumni Benefit Cards within two months. All you have to do is log in and fill in the AUBG Alumni Benefit form located on the top of your feed!

If not yet a member – you can still request your card by registering in the AUBG Alumni Directory within the next 30 days!

To request a registration link, please contact us at [email protected].

*Your card has no expiration date and you’re free to use it at any time. Your first card is free, however, lost or damaged cards can be replaced for an administrative fee of $10.