Costs and Aid

AUBG is a unique university where talented students from all over the world come together to benefit from a world-class American education. Compared to students attending a similar four-year college in the USA, you are paying only a fraction of what it would cost to study there. 

Tuition and Fees

For the 2022-23 Academic Year the costs for attending AUBG full time are as follows (without any scholarships and financial aid):

Tuition per semester* $ 6,450
Housing per semester
     Skaptopara I and II double in apartment $ 735
     Skaptopara II double room $ 820
     Skaptopara III

$ 905

Student Activity Fee per semester $ 315

*Tuition is set annually and students may anticipate some increase over the eight semesters of study. For those students receiving financial aid, AUBG practice has been to increase financial aid awards proportionally to the increase in tuition.

Scholarships and Aid

To support the best and brightest incoming students, AUBG offers various options for financial support. Accepted students can receive one or more of the following:

AUBG Guaranteed Support

10% off tuition

Available to all students coming from Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, Mongolia, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Palestina and Serbia.

Valid for eight semesters of study. 

AUBG Academic Scholarship

Up to 30% off tuition

Based on the applicant's academic credentials. No additional documents necessary. 

A limited number of full scholarships available! 

Valid for eight semesters of study. 

AUBG Financial Aid

Up to 20% off tuition

Based on the applicant's financial need. Application for Financial Aid and supporting documents required. Application submission does not guarantee the applicant will receive aid. 

Valid for eight semesters of study.

AUBG First-Year Support

10% off tuition

Available to students who submit their applications by March 1. 

Valid for the first two semesters of study only.

Donor Scholarships

Named scholarships are awarded to students who meet the requirements set by the particular donor. They vary in amounts and duration, and some may require an Application for Financial Aid

See full list of scholarships

Donor scholarship recipients are not eligible for AUBG First-Year Support. 

Our fees are the same no matter where the student comes from and the variety of scholarships makes studying at AUBG accessible for any student. AUBG offers a variety of additional scholarships for qualifying students. All applicants will be automatically reviewed for merit-based scholarships. Applicants who have submitted an Application for Financial Aid will be reviewed for need-based scholarships.

Fees Explained

All full-time students are expected to live on campus unless they live locally in Blagoevgrad with their immediate family. In addition, all students are charged a Student Activities Fee to cover co-curricular activities, clubs, special events and recreation and athletic activities.

Tuition for part-time students is calculated on a credit-hour basis. Part-time students are ineligible for student loans, scholarships and participation in Student Assistants Program. Part-time non-degree-seeking students are ineligible for any financial aid through AUBG.

Students enrolled in an independent study, senior thesis, senior project, or summer academic internship over the summer pay one half of the standard credit-hour cost.

Additional Expenses

Costs for dining at the university dining hall are estimated at $ 600 per semester. Incoming full-time students make a meal plan deposit of $100 every semester that can be used in the ABF Student Center restaurant and the three campus cafés. Additional funds can be deposited to the meal card. See our meal plan options here.

The required textbook expenses are estimated at $300. 

There are no additional fees for use of health services, internet services, technology labs, or counseling services. 

International students are responsible for mandatory health insurance ($100 estimated), entry visa fees (EUR 100) and Bulgarian ID card for foreigners (BGN 200, approx. EUR 105). Students will want to include the travel costs to and from their home and the University as part of their financial planning.

Student Accounts

Accounts are opened for each student in order to handle both charges and credits. Tuition, housing fee, student activities fee and meal plan deposit are applied to the student account before the start of each semester. These charges must be paid in full by August 10 for the Fall semester and by January 10 for the Spring semester. Students who fail to make payment by the deadline are assessed a $100 late payment fee and are subject to cancellation of their course registration.

Throughout the semester, students may charge purchases from the AUBG bookstore and canteen to their student accounts. Credits from the Student Assistants Program, scholarships and other sources are applied to the account during the semester or at the beginning of the following semester. All students must pay any outstanding balance at the end of each semester and before pre-registration for the following semester. 

Student accounts do not need to be pre-paid, but they must be settled before the deadline for the next semester or, for graduating seniors, before commencement. Students seeking a leave of absence must pay any balance due (including a late leave of absence fee, if applicable) before the leave is requested. Students with overdue accounts are subject to cancellation of their course registration without prior notice.

Conditions for scholarships and aid

Continuation of AUBG Academic Scholarships and AUBG Financial Aid is contingent on maintaining a minimum of 2.5 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) on a 4.0 scale. Full scholarships may require maintaining a higher CGPA. AUBG Academic Scholarships and AUBG Financial Aid cover a maximum of eight semesters of enrollment. 

Each award requires that the student maintain full-time status as an AUBG student unless they are in their last semester and need only a part-time schedule to graduate. 

Continuation of donor scholarships is contingent on meeting the requirements set by the donor.


AUBG reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of its financial aid policies, tuition and other fees.

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