Government Guaranteed Loans

Bulgarian and EU students can benefit from government-guaranteed loans

Loans application deadline

Fall semester
May 15
Spring semester
December 15
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Government-guaranteed Loans

Bulgarian and EU students (ages 18-35) can take advantage of government-guaranteed loans with an interest rate of up to 7% per year up to the full amount of tuition for a maximum of eight semesters of AUBG attendance.

  • Contact the Student Loan Office to receive a signed loan certificate, which needs to be presented to the bank.

    Apply for a government-guaranteed loan at a participating bank’s office. Allow enough time for the bank to process your documents, approve the loan and transfer the funds to AUBG before the semester payment deadline.

  • Investbank BACB
    Allianz Bank DSK Bank
    Fibank KBC Bank Bulgaria
    Postbank United Bulgarian Bank

  • Students must present loan certificates to the bank every semester, even if they are not going to need the loan tranche for a particular semester.

    Students in their ninth or later semester, or students who have prolonged their class standing for more than two semesters, are not eligible for government-guaranteed loans.

    New students can apply for a government-guaranteed loan only after the beginning of their studies. See the Loans for New Students page for information on how to finance your first semester.

    A student must follow the AUBG requirements and gain earned credit hours as per academic catalog requirements.

  • According to Article 3, subparagraph 1, point 4 of the Student Loan Act, all student loan applicants who have interrupted their studies (dismissal, withdrawal, suspension, LOA) are not eligible to receive a government-guaranteed student loan. Exception is made in cases of maternity leave, illness (lasting no more than two years) or pursuing studies in another university or research organization. The borrower shall provide documentation to the bank detailing the circumstances. Please also keep in mind that if you fail to present a loan certificate (уверение) for two consecutive semesters to the bank, the full amount of the student loan becomes immediately due.

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