The American University in Bulgaria is in the unique position of being accredited both in the United States (by the New England Commission of Higher Education, formerly the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.) and in Bulgaria (by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation). AUBG is chartered as an institution of higher education by an act of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.

U.S. Accreditation

2016 Self-Study Report
2016 Self-Study Report & Enclosures for Download
2016 Self-Study Report US Format
2016 Self-Study Report & Enclosures - US Formatting - for Download
AUBG on NECHE website
NECHE letter of continued accreditation, October, 2016 (PDF)
NECHE Final Report, June, 2016 (PDF)
NECHE Fifth-Year Interim Report, January, 2011 (PDF)
NECHE letter of continued accreditation, May 7, 2007 (PDF)NECHE letter of initial accreditation, December, 2001 (PDF)

 Bulgarian Accreditation

NEAA Letter of Accreditation September 7, 2017 (PDF in Bulgarian)
NEAA Letter of Accreditation June 25, 2001 (PDF in Bulgarian)
NEAA Letter of Accreditation August 4, 2006 (PDF in Bulgarian)
NEAA Letter of Accreditation August 4, 2006 (MS Word in English)

NEAA Accreditation Certificate November 8, 2012 (PDF BG and ENG)

Bulgarian Program Accreditation

Business Administration - NEAA Letter of Accreditation October, 2014(PDF in Bulgarian)
Computer Science and Information Systems - NEAA Letter of Accreditation, October, 2014
(PDF in Bulgarian)
Economics - NEAA Letter of Accreditation November, 2013
(PDF in Bulgarian)
History and Civilizations - NEAA Letter of Accreditation March, 2016
(PDF in Bulgarian)
Journalism and Mass Communication - NEAA Letter of Accreditation July, 2013 (PDF in Bulgarian)
Political Science and European Studies - NEAA Letter of Accreditation February, 2016
(PDF in Bulgarian)
Mathematics - NEAA Letter of Accreditation July, 2014 (PDF in Bulgarian)

Quality Assurance and Academic Goals

Quality Management System - January, 2017 (PDF in Bulgarian)
Quality Management System - October, 2015
(PDF in Bulgarian)
European Qualification Framework
(PDF in Bulgarian)
National Qualifications Framework
(PDF in Bulgarian)
Institutional Academic Goals (PDF in English)

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