Self-Designed Major

It’s all in your own hands

As a liberal arts institution, AUBG supports and encourages students to develop and utilize their knowledge across areas of study and the Self-Designed Major (SDM) is designed to allow this by fostering a broader understanding of academic knowledge and methodologies.  This degree offers students an opportunity for a unique, intensive educational and research experience through a self-designed program. Examples of interdisciplinary fields for an SDM might include:

  • 20th-Century Cultural Studies
  • Ancient Studies
  • Business Communications and Public Relations
  • Eastern European Studies
  • Early Modern Studies
  • Environmental Policy
  • Film Studies
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • Modern Languages and Culture in the Global Environment
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Political Communication
  • Social Sciences
  • Theatre and Film
  • Visual Communications
  • Women’s Studies

The Self-Designed Major is available only as a second major.

This SDM major is offered for students with exceptional motivation, vision and creativity.  In consultation with faculty members, the student creates a unique plan of study that is not part of the current AUBG curriculum and that bridges two or more content areas (other than two primary major areas) and is not a subcomponent of one major or minor discipline.  The result is an interdisciplinary degree that focuses on integrated learning in multiple areas with sufficient depth to conduct research across fields of knowledge.

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