Senior Theses

As part of students’ coursework, graduation and accreditation requirements, Panitza Library stores and makes available senior theses and other academic writings such as independent study or senior/capstone projects.

This collection is included in the Library’s archive and is open only for reference or research use. The paper copies are stored at the Circulation desk. The electronic files are available in the Library’s digital collection and can be accessed only within the university’s network.

Students must follow certain regulations to submit their theses/projects:

  1. Every student is required to hand in the final version of the thesis/project to the Library shortly before/after the defense date
  2. The copy has to be in paper or in electronic format, including all supplementary materials (webpage demos, video and audio files, PowerPoint presentations, posters, etc.). After reviewing the completeness of the work, the librarian will accept and file it for further processing.  PDFs are generally favored over print copies
  3. Upon submission, the student must fill in a form giving the following data:
  • Author information: full name, AUBG ID number, address, e-mail
  • Supervisor: full name
  • Thesis information: title, subtitle, university department, keywords, number and format of submitted files
  • Abstract (100-200 words)

Panitza Library will catalog every thesis it has received. The bibliographic record will be included in the Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and the document can be located using the author’s name, the document subject headings, and keywords. All accompanying files will be listed in the record.

Please leave your thesis at the Circulation Desk or send your documents to [email protected] or [email protected].

Please see Thesis Information Guide. It offers useful advice and support for stages in your research thesis journey.