States of Pay and Play: Gamification and Capitalism – A Hands-On Gaming Workshop with Prof. Max Haiven

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
November 27th
Rooms 6306, ABF Student Center

Billionaires and Guillotines" is a delightful and easily accessible board game designed for 2 to 5 players. Join Professor, social theorist, and game designer Max Haiven in this engaging presentation as he introduces the game and shares the intriguing story behind it. Get ready for an action-packed play-testing session, followed by a thought-provoking discussion on capitalism and gamification. In a world where many of us feel trapped in an unwinnable game, critical board games like "Billionaires and Guillotines" play a crucial role in challenging dominant power relations and creating space for the radical imagination. This game draws inspiration from a rich history of social activists using board games as a medium for critical debate—a tradition that gains even greater significance in an age dominated by cynical gamification strategies. Join the session to explore how this innovative game contributes to the ongoing dialogue on these important issues.