Screening: Sátántangó (Dir. Bélla Tarr, 1994)

11:00 am - 8:00 pm
December 09th
Auditorium, BAC

Béla Tarr’s masterpiece takes place in a small, dilapidated village in 1990s Hungary, life has come to a virtual stand-still. The autumn rains have started. A few of the villagers expect to receive a large cash payment that evening, and then plan to leave. Some want to abscond earlier with more than their fair share of the money. However, they hear that the smooth-talking Irimias, who they thought had died, is returning. They are apprehensive that he will take all their money in one of his grandiose schemes to keep the community going.

The film is 7.5 hours long and will be screened with two half hour intervals.