Radoslav Georgiev | Founder Talk

We are excited to invite you to our final founder talk this semester by Radoslav Georgiev, Co-founder and CTO of Gtmhub (now Quantive)! ✨ About Quantive: A multinational startup crafting the world’s most flexible OKR software, supporting over 500,000 users across 75 countries and 1000+ organizations, including CNN, Adobe, Red Hat, Experian, and more. Founding Story: In 2015, Radoslav co-founded Gtmhub with colleagues from Progress Telerik, Ivan Osmak, and Jordan Angelov. Their mission? To address the challenge many businesses face in linking strategy and execution. In 2021, Gtmhub achieved a milestone with a $120 million Series C funding – the largest in the OKRs software industry to date, highlighting its remarkable growth in the $42 billion OKRs software space. Professional Journey: Radoslav, with a rich background in enterprise software development, managed agile product teams through the entire software development life cycle. Before Quantive, he served as the Senior Director of Software Engineering at Telerik. Leadership Roles: As a Board Member of the European Innovation Council and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EISMEA), Radoslav extends his influence beyond Quantive. The event is scheduled to take place at ABF, Aspire, on the 5th of December (Tuesday), starting at 7:30 PM Stay tuned for more updates, and join us for a memorable talk with an entrepreneurial founder!