Leadership Talks: Leadership in the Face of Rising Cyber Threats

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
November 30th
Elieff Center for Education and Culture, Sofia

Join Ivan Lambov, Cybersecurity Manager at KBC Global Services, for an engaging leadership discussion on cybersecurity.

Cybercrime has escalated to an entirely new level within today's complex geopolitical environment and hybrid warfare. It poses a threat not only to corporate assets and critical public infrastructure but also targets the fundamental fabric of democracy and world order. Addressing this necessitates a new breed of political and organizational leadership capable of tackling the constantly evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

About Ivan Lambov

Ivan Lambov serves as a Cyber Security Manager at KBC Global Services. He earned a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University, USA. Over the last 25 years, Ivan has provided consultation to multinational companies, including Intel Corporation, Williams Communications, British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, Pfizer, among others. Additionally, he has co-founded several successful technology companies across the US, Europe, and Asia. Ivan also held the position of adjunct faculty professor at Columbia College, teaching technology and business classes at SIUE and Beijing University.

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