Raycho Raychev | Founder talk

7:30 pm -
November 28th
BAC Auditorium

We are excited to invite you to our second founder talk by Raycho Raychev, the innovator behind a company out of this space - EnduroSat! Raycho Raychev works in the field of space science, tech and business. He founded EnduroSat – a fast-growing company that builds and space-qualifies the next-generation CubeSat platform for a range of missions from low Earth orbit to Solar System exploration. Prior to the company Raycho founded massive space educational platform – Spaceport and practice-oriented space course – Space Challenges. Raycho will delve into:

  • The development of the startup idea over time
  • The challenges of running a business out of this world * Future plans for EnduroSat The event is scheduled to take place at BAC Auditorium on the 28nd of November (Tuesday), starting at 7:30 PM Stay tuned for more updates, and join us for a memorable talk with an entrepreneurial founder!