Capitalism and the Radical Imagination: A Dialogue with Prof. Max Haiven

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
November 27th
Panitza Library

Join Prof. Max Haiven, the Canada Research Chair in the Radical Imagination at Lakehead University (Canada), in a compelling conversation with JMC Prof. Ezra Winton as they explore the intricate relationship between capitalism and the radical imagination.

Dr. Max Haiven is a distinguished writer, editor, and teacher, holding the esteemed Canada Research Chair in the Radical Imagination, based in Berlin. His most recent books include "Palm Oil: The Grease of Empire" (2022), "Revenge Capitalism: The Ghosts of Empire, the Demons of Capital, and the Settling of Unpayable Debts" (2020), and "Art After Money, Money After Art: Creative Strategies Against Financialization" (2018).

Professor Haiven serves as the editor of VAGABONDS, a series of short, radical books from Pluto Press. He passionately teaches at Lakehead University on Anishinaabe territories on the North Shore of Gitchigumi in the territories currently known as Canada. Professor Haiven also directs the ReImagining Value Action Lab (RiVAL), a workshop for the radical imagination, social justice, and decolonization.