We would like to thank you as AUBG would not be what it is today without your generous support!

America for Bulgaria Foundation

Ever since it was established ABF remains one of the greatest AUBG supporters.

About ABF
ABF Scholarships

ABF Scholarships

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The scholarship brought me closer to my career plans and encouraged me in my further development. It also makes me dream of the moment when I will be standing on the other side -- as a donor. I am deeply convinced that AUBG will help me find the right path to success and then I will be able to help other students make their dreams come true.

Elina Kalinova, AUBG student

ABF Student Center

The State-of-the-art ABF Student Center

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AUBG is a great example of how American optimism successfully meets Bulgarian potential.

America for Bulgaria Foundation


Dimi and Yvonne Panitza Visionary Award Recipient

Dimi and Yvonne Panitza Visionary Award Recipient Image

This recognition has great meaning to ABF and to me personally as I had the privilege of knowing Dimi Panitza. I know what he did to help found AUBG and to see its growth over the years. He recognized the value of civic engagement in support of democracy. Your education equipped you with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the word democracy with active participation.

Nancy Schiller, America For Bulgaria President and CEO



The American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) has been supporting AUBG since 1998 with an amount of more than $11M. ASHA is one of the first and most important partners of the American University in Bulgaria.


Open Society Institute

Throughout the years OSI has supported AUBG by more than $36M. Over 3000 scholarships were distributed to students from 23 countries amounting to $27M.


Albanian-American Development Foundation

The successful partnership between AUBG and AADF was established in 2012. Over $650,000 were awarded to 22 students from 4 cohorts (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015).


American Foundation for Bulgaria

The foundation has been providing scholarships for AUBG students since 2006. Its generous support of more than $70,000 has enabled outstanding young people to opportunity to pursue a degree at the university.

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The AUBG Society of Fellows recognizes private cumulative giving, since 1991, in support of AUBG.

    • America for Bulgaria Foundation
    • American Schools and Hospitals Abroad
    • Anna K. Tchaprachikoff
    • Athanas A. Zamphiroff
    • Balkanski Family
    • George Soros - Open Society Institute
    • J. Dimitri Panitza
    • Philippe Bertherat
    • US Embassy of Turkmenistan
    • Albanian – American Development Foundation
    • Brother’s Brother Foundation
    • Eliot Elieff
    • Marianne M. Keler
    • The International Media Fund
    • The Salgo-Noren Foundation
    • Carl Djerassi
    • Elvin Guri
    • John C. Whitehead
    • Nellie & Robert Gipson
    • Ralph P. Davidson
    • Richard J. Ramsden
    • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
    • The Pew Charitable Trusts
    • The Sallie Mae Fund
    • Anonymous
    • Charlotte S. Metcalf
    • Chris von Christierson
    • Claude Janssen
    • David T. Flanagan
    • Dilyan Pavlov
    • Dimitar Tsotsorkov
    • Gerard van der Sluys
    • Gordon E. Cadwgan
    • Julia Watkins
    • Krassen Draganov
    • Lumina Foundation for Education
    • Michael Marvin
    • MobilTel EAD
    • Nancy R. Newhouse-Iovenko
    • Norris Darrell Jr.
    • Telerik AD
    • The Nando Peretti Foundation
    • The Starr Foundation
    • Vassil Terziev
    • William J. Hume
    • Andrey Delchev
    • Ann S. Ferren and Jonathan D. Fife
    • Anonymous
    • Commission in Bulgaria
    • Craig Hall
    • Duke Franz Foundation
    • Freedom Forum
    • Harrison Richardson
    • HRH Princess Maria Luisa of Bulgaria
    • ING Bank – Sofia Branch
    • Jules T. Kortenhorst
    • Leon M. Selig
    • Mary Lee Herbster
    • Nan Frederick
    • KBC Bank Bulgaria
    • Steve Sullivan
    • Terry Hopkins
    • Thomas W. Bird
    • Yury Zabello '03
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AUBG would not be what it is today without your support.

David Evans, AUBG President