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Support for Students from Afghanistan

AUBG supports all students affected by the current situation in Afghanistan


We at AUBG are committed to the values of freedom, peace, and democracy. Therefore, we have undertaken as our mission to help students across Afghanistan continue their education in a multinational, multicultural academic and social environment.

Coming from a war-torn region of the world, many young Afghans seek a peaceful, secure place to get a fresh start in life and advance academically. Quite a few of them have directly suffered from the horrors of war. Many have lost their families and homes.

Therefore, the AUBG community has united to provide support to those who need it the most. To become a part of this endeavor, please contribute HERE. Thank you!

We help Afghan refugees in several areas including:

AUBG opens its doors to university students and professors

The university’s doors are open for any displaced university students from Afghanistan who are able to continue their studies in English, seeking or having found refuge in Bulgaria due to the current situation in the country. AUBG also welcomes refugee scholars and professors within the extent of its institutional capacity. Within its capacity, the university will provide placement and support for such scholars.

English language Instructions for those in need

For those who need help with their English skills, AUBG can provide English instruction through its English Language Institute in Blagoevgrad upon availability.

Collaboration with other organizations

AUBG stands ready to collaborate with other organizations and employers to support their efforts in these same areas.

If you wish to contribute to any of these endeavors, please click HERE.