COVID-19 Measures

Plans for the Fall '21 Semester

Last updated March 2021

Our main goal is to have on-ground classes and we are fully prepared to have a semester as close to normal as possible. But the complexity of the situation calls for having several scenarios in place in order to ensure a smooth education process no matter the circumstances we might face. The infographic illustrates the scenarios and what is the driving factor behind each of them.

Here you can watch the conversation between SG President Viktoria Ivanova, Dean White, Dr. Daskalov and President Evans about the plans for next semester and the vaccines.

To sum it up, we are prepared for all three scenarios: an on-ground, a hybrid (following the same protocols as in Fall’20) and an online fall’21 semester.

On-ground: If the Bulgarian government allows on-ground classes and vaccines are available to AUBG students;
Hybrid: If the Bulgarian government allows on-ground classes but vaccines are not available to AUBG students;
Online: If the Bulgarian government does not allow on-ground classes.

To learn more about the vaccination process and whether vaccines will be available to international students in Bulgaria, listen to Dr. Daskalov who explains that in details in the video.

We have scheduled a zoom meeting on April 5 at 7:30 pm for you to ask your questions. You could send your question in advance to and we will make sure to answer it during the Zoom meeting.

A recording will be available after the event for those of you who cannot attend.

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