Web Server Technologies

INF 3035

This course provides an introduction to the development of dynamic web applications via server-side programming. Specifically, two modern and popular web server technologies will be studied in detail, namely PHP with the Apache web server, and ASP.NET with the Microsoft IIS web server. Both technologies will include the development of web applications with database connections – MySQL DBMS for PHP, and Microsoft SQL Server DBMS for ASP.NET. The ASP.NET part of the course will touch on the traditional Web Forms technology but focus more on the more modern MVC and Web API technologies. The Entity Framework and LINQ language extensions for C# will be introduced. The PHP part of the course will introduce students to the syntax of PHP, including the object-oriented style, and the PDO interface for MySQL. This course stresses the importance of the use of software architectures, such as MVC, for developing real-world applications. As well as lectures, this course includes several lab sessions that illustrate the material covered in lectures. Development of real-world type of applications will be given as projects.

Credits: 3 Cr.