Topics in Bulgarian Language, Literature, and Film

MLL 3[4-9]NN

This course centers on the advanced study of particular aspects of the Bulgarian language, literature, and film. It may focus on a study of a literary movement or period (such as the Humanism between the two World Wars, symbolism in Bulgarian poetry,the criticism of the communist regime in literature, etc.), a specific genre (such as short stories, tales, novels, poetry, dramas, or journalistic reports); a theme (such as humanism between the two World Wars, identity, travel, social changes, or critique of the political ideology), a famous author (such as Aleko Konstantinov, Yordan Yovkov, Dimitar Dimov, Georgi Gospodinov, Alek Popov), or a famous film director (Krikor Azaryan, Ivan Andonov, Georgi Dyulgerov). This course is taught in Bulgarian. It may be repeated for credit on different topics.

Credits: 3 Cr.