Technologies for Web-based Information Systems

INF 4040

The explosive growth of the internet and the web has created a brand new “world” of web-based information systems. This world is founded on the use of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This new breed of information systems pervades every facet of life. Such systems range from everyday applications such as Google search, through e-commerce applications such as Amazon, to web service apps. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, this course will prepare students to participate in emerging opportunities in information systems and services, wherever they may be. The broad objective of this course is to help students understand current and emerging information and communication technologies. In particular, this course looks at how modern information and communication technologies may be used to implement, support, and enrich information systems. This course focuses on opportunities that modern ICT has to offer to information systems development. Technologies studied include modern software development practices, including software architectures; the internet and its protocols; wireless and cellular networks; security of information; cloud and mobile computing; web analytics and data interchange technologies such as XML, JSON, and REST. This course stresses the importance of the use of software architectures, such as MVC, for developing real-world applications. As well as lectures, this course includes several lab sessions that illustrate the material covered in lectures. The development of a real-world type of application will be given as a project.

Credits: 3 Cr.