Economics Senior Thesis I and II

ECO 4091/4092

Taken over two semesters and counting as one 400-level elective, the senior thesis option is available to students who have completed at least 90 credit hours and all 300-level requirements for the ECO major. Students must also demonstrate adequate writing proficiency by having completed ECO 310 with a grade of B or higher. ECO 311 is also a prerequisite for the senior thesis unless waived by the supervisor on the ground that the thesis topic does not involve the use of advanced econometric tools. A senior thesis project must be defended at the end of the second semester in front of a thesis committee. A completed senior thesis may count as a state exam. ECO 491: Cr. 3 (6 ECTS Cr.); ECO 492: WIC. Cr. 4 (8 ECTS Cr.).

Credits: 7 Cr.