Business Senior Thesis I and II

BUS 4091/4092

A senior thesis option, taken over two semesters, is available to senior students who have an interest in conducting original research under the direction of a faculty member. In BUS 491, students will be introduced to research methods in business and the social sciences and will complete the course with a thesis proposal, including a developed research question/hypothesis, a literature review, and an identification of data sources. Students who successfully complete this part of the requirement will move into BUS 492 to complete the thesis. Working with a thesis director in the second term (BUS 492), the student will conduct research and report the results in a formal thesis document, including data collection, analysis, and interpretation of results, with recommendations. It will be defended at the end of the second semester in front of a thesis committee. The thesis must be taken for two semesters. BUS 491 may be counted as a BUS elective, but BUS 492 does not count toward the major requirements. A completed senior thesis may count as a state examination.

Credits: 3 Cr.