Important Information for International Graduates Guests

Holders of Schengen visas and residence permits do not need a Bulgarian short-stay visa to enter and reside in Bulgaria for a period of no more than three months in any six-month period from the date of first entry.

Bulgarian Visa

Please be informed that some of you may need a Declaration-invitation for the family members or friends whom you would like to invite to Commencement. They will need to present this Declaration-invitation at the Bulgarian embassy in their country of residence to obtain a visa.

This procedure is required for citizens from the following countries: Albania*, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia*, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova*, Mongolia, Russia,  Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the U.S. and Ukraine*. 

* Note: Citizens of Albania, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine would not need a Bulgarian visa if they have biometric passports.

Important: You must have a valid Bulgarian ID card.

Here’s an outline of the process:

1. Pick up a blank Declaration – invitation (2 copies per guest). The forms are available at the office of International Student Services, at the Migration office in the Blagoevgrad Police Department, and here.

2. Complete the forms in legible handwriting in Bulgarian.

3. Go to a notary for verification and pay the fee. You should have a Bulgarian with you.

4. Take a bank certificate from a local bank (50 EUR per day per person).

5. Take a certificate for provided accommodation:

  • A certificate from Residence Life Office, if your guest will stay on campus;
  • A hotel reservation and proof of payment, if your guest will stay in a hotel;
  • A declaration from your landlord, if you are off campus and your guest will stay at your place;

6. Go to the Migration office in the Blagoevgrad Police Department and submit the Declaration – invitation (2 copies), bank certificate, and proof of accommodation.

7.  Pay the 13.60 BGN fee.

8. Pick up the Declaration – an invitation from the Migration office.

9. Mail the document to the guest.

Note: If you are inviting more than one person you should make copies of documents 4 and 5.

Important:  You should keep in mind that it takes at least 10 working days for the visa to be issued.

The expiration date of the passport needs to be at least six months after the date of the ceremony – May 19, 2024.

Address Registration in Blagoevgrad

Within 48 hours after their check-in in Blagoevgrad international guests has to obtain an address card verifying their address registration in Blagoevgrad.

  • If you have made a housing reservation for your guests in the Skaptopara Residence Halls, within 48 hours your guests must register with the Residence Hall director who will give them the address card.
  • If your guests decide to stay in a local hotel, the hotel staff should take care of that and provide the address card.
  • If your guests stay in a private home, they need to go to the police with their landlord (with his ID card) to obtain an address card.

Your guests should keep the address card with them in their passports. They will be asked to show it as they leave the country.