Civic Medal of Honor

The AUBG’s Civic Medal of Honor is awarded to deserving young people, juniors and seniors in high school, who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in leadership, academic pursuits, and civic engagement with their own community or around the world.   

Become a partner of this honorable program and nominate one senior, graduating in 2022, and one junior, graduating 2023, whose exceptional leadership qualities, academic merit, social engagement and civic activism deserve high recognition. Your nominees would have the chance to become a part of a global network of high-achievers and would allow them to inspire and shape a better future for our societies.

The nominees must match the following criteria:

  • Advanced Level of English or be native speaker.
  • Commitment to democracy and civic engagement.

Following the nomination and successful completion of AUBG’s application, we would award $20,000 in merit scholarship for the full course of study to the future AUBG Civic Medal awardees* from your school in recognition of their exemplary effort to ensure that the world is a safer and more supportive place for free societies.

This Medal aims to recognize young people who best exemplify the courage and protection of the civic freedoms of the citizens. Bulgaria has passed a long way in its strive for democracy and is now an independent country and a member of the European Union. The American University of Bulgaria celebrates Bulgaria’s hard-won independence and wishes to recognize the accomplishments of youth all over the world that demonstrate attributes required to uphold and maintain those civic principles required for a free and open society.

* The award doesn’t guarantee admissions to the American University in Bulgaria. The medal recipients need to apply and follow admissions requirements in order to be accepted and claim the award. The award can be combined with need-based financial aid or be replaced by a full tuition scholarship.

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