CIDC’s Strategic Priorities


CIDC’s Strategic Priorities 2024 - 2026

  • The CIDC is committed to shaping the global conversation on democracy and disinformation in the digital age through regular symposia, conferences, and workshops. By engaging in collaborative research projects and leveraging media for thought-provoking discourse, we aim to influence policy and advocate for informed democratic engagement.

  • We are dedicated to embedding the principles of ethics, democracy, and civic participation into the heart of academic learning at AUBG. Through collaboration with academic departments and a faculty advisory group, the CIDC encourages and resources the continuing development of student learning opportunities, supporting the instruction of these critical themes throughout the AUBG curriculum.

  • The CIDC will support academic initiatives focused on democratic citizenship and participation, information, and media literacy. It will enhance existing co-curricular activities at AUBG, such as internships, community projects, and student organizations, to provide hands-on experiences. It will seek partnerships with local and international institutions to broaden program offerings including fellowship programs for students and faculty.

  • To sustain and grow our impact, the CIDC will foster an ecosystem that supports cutting-edge innovation and research at the intersection of information, democracy, and citizenship.

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