Viktoria Ivanova (’22) on Finding Her Passion at AUBG

November 16, 2023 Greti Georgieva
Viktoria Ivanova (’22) on Finding Her Passion at AUBG

Viktoria Ivanova (‘22) is one of the many gifted AUBG alumni. During her four years at the university she was President and Editor-in-Chief at AUBG Daily, Head of Logistics at TEDxAUBG, and Writing Tutor at the Writing Center. She wrapped up her AUBG journey with a double Summa Cum Laude degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and Political Science and International Relations with a Minor in History. At her graduation ceremony Viktoria received not only her diploma, but also the applause of the public for being the Student Commencement Speaker.

I would not be where I am today if AUBG hadn’t helped shape my personality and advance my potential. I will forever carry a piece of AUBG with me no matter what I do or where I go.

Today, she is conquering the Master’s program in Journalism and International Relations at New York University (NYU) with the financial help of the AUBG Tchaprachikoff Scholarship, granted to students who wish to pursue their higher education at one of the top 20 universities in the U.S.


Viktoria was sure about her choice of university from the moment she heard about AUBG. For her, the opportunity of exploring a couple of different fields and figuring out her passions after graduating from high school, was key. Apart from that, she was impressed by the programs offered within the liberal arts education and the international faculty.

The spirit of the AUBG community was unlike anything else I had ever seen. And becoming a part of it was the most transformative experience of my life.

The AUBG experience

One of the elements that shaped Viktoria’s AUBG experience and the thing she treasures most, is the variety of clubs and the ability to participate and organize numerous initiatives throughout the academic year.

“We establish traditions and values that pass on through generations and that is what makes AUBG so special.”

Apart from that, she is grateful for her professors, their endless support and priceless advice that she still follows. She highlights that their dedication to the students goes as far as supporting her through her master’s application.

Viktoria also finds the friendships that she made during her four years at AUBG particularly important not only during her AUBG journey, but also outside of the university.

“It’s funny how the people that I met my first week there, back in 2018, are some of the closest friends I still have to this day. I’ll cherish this forever.”

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Viktoria Ivanova and the AUBG Daily Team

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Viktoria Ivanova on the stage of TEDxAUBG

The first months after AUBG

Viktoria decided to take a bit of a break after graduating from AUBG and went on a Work and Travel program in the U.S. During that time she managed to set her priorities straight and to recharge.

I was so grateful to get the chance to celebrate my achievements and prepare for life ahead. I encourage all fresh graduates to allocate some time for this too. It was a great “cushion” period between being university student and entering your next chapter.

Viktoria also took her time before diving into the world of master’s programs, because she believes that a matter like this is not to be taken lightly. According to her, it “can be extremely demanding” and is good to leave yourself some time to prepare and enjoy the things you are doing at the moment.

Master’s program at NYU

Before officially deciding on where to apply, she had a tour around the universities she was interested in and met some of their faculty. She narrowed down her choice to three universities, one of which NYU, on which she had her “heart set” from the beginning.

Talking about the choice of program, Viktoria says that what she is pursuing now is entirely owed to her AUBG experience.

“I’ve just always focused on writing with the classes I took and all my extracurriculars during my time at AUBG. I joined the university media, AUBG Daily, and quickly realized this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life.”

Apart from the classes at NYU, she is also a Managing Editor for the online news magazine run by the NYU graduate students Journal of Political Inquiry.

Future plans

After obtaining her master’s degree, Viktoria wants to experiment professionally with her editorial skills and challenge her boundaries. She also dreams of moving back into academia and teaching in the future, since this is one “of the most meaningful and rewarding work one can dedicate their life to.”

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Viktoria Ivanova with her AUBG diploma

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Viktoria Ivanova at NYU's shop

Piece of advice

One of the pieces of advice that Viktoria would give to the AUBG students is to talk more with their professors, because they want the students to succeed, and give valuable feedback.

“I’ve come to realize that what the faculty at AUBG offers to its students is truly exceptional. Not a lot of students have been lucky enough to be met with such guidance and dedication throughout their studies.”

Apart from that, she would encourage the students to slow down a bit and enjoy every little moment they have at AUBG.