Sustainable Resource Management: Insights from Coca-Cola HBC

April 27, 2023
Sustainable Resource Management: Insights from Coca-Cola HBC

AUBG Business Administration students had the chance of attending a captivating presentation by Ventsislav Kachovski, the Country Environmental Manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC). The lecture was part of the curriculum of Professor Asli Goksoy’s class and shed light on sustainable resource management and the environmental protection initiatives implemented by CCHBC.

As the urgency to address climate change and promote sustainability intensifies, businesses have a crucial role to play in adopting environmentally friendly practices. Kachovski highlighted the significance of environmental protection and shared how CCHBC actively engages in sustainable resource management.

During his presentation, Kachovski delved into the various practices and techniques employed by CCHBC to minimize its environmental footprint. The presentation left a lasting impression on the AUBGers. It not only showcased the environmental initiatives of CCHBC but also emphasized the role that businesses can play in driving sustainable resource management.

By sharing their practices and techniques, CCHBC demonstrated that businesses can successfully balance economic growth with environmental responsibility. This resonated with the students, inspiring them to consider how they can contribute to sustainable practices in their future careers.

Coca Cola HBC is a corporate founding member of the Corporate Advisory Board of the American University in Bulgaria. The long-term strategic partnership between Postbank and AUBG includes various initiatives, events, and opportunities for students.