Provost Mininger on the NOVA EMBA Scholarship

September 08, 2023
Provost Mininger on the NOVA EMBA Scholarship

This article was originally published on the NOVA website.

Dr. J.D. Mininger is Provost of AUBG and Chairman of the Jury for the NOVA EMBA Scholarship.

The NOVA EMBA Scholarship has been introduced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of AUBG’s Executive MBA program. As a pioneering initiative in Bulgaria, this scholarship seeks to inspire experienced entrepreneurs and encourage new ones, with the goal of creating innovative businesses that contribute to solving important societal issueswhile also turning a successful profit. The scholarship will cover 100% of the Executive MBA program tuition fee. The initiative provides an exceptional opportunity for creative, practical education for socially engaged people. The competition is tough because the talent-level is high – this is precisely why the scholarship exists: to make this education available to someone deserving of this high-level opportunity.For this outstanding initiative we have teamed up with our friends from NOVA TV, who are our exclusive media partner.

Why social entrepreneurship?

The selection of the anniversary scholarship aligns with AUBG’s founding purpose and mission, which is to educatedemocratic and ethical leaders essential for Bulgaria and the wider region. Over the past two decades, the curriculum of the EMBA program has evolved to incorporate courses that address contemporary trends and market needs, including “Entrepreneurship,” “Leadership,” and notably, “Social Entrepreneurship.” In today’s world, social entrepreneurship is about committing to the essential point that making a positive impact on society is a viable and highly successful way to make money. This has led to a new kind of leadership that’s more focused on people and authentic relationships, and is grounded in creative, forward-looking ideas. Social Entrepreneurship demonstrates that successful business can be beneficial to everyone. This means tackling issues like poverty, change management in organizations, inclusive hiring and expanding the power of the workforce and offering more people more job opportunities, supporting gender equality, and, especially important to all: taking care of the environment. The EMBA program recognizes the importance of these social entrepreneurs and is educating them to lead the way, because the future of the most successful business is sustainable business practices. The scholarship is a part of this effort to make a difference in society.

Who can apply for the scholarship? What is the deadline for applications?

Applications for the NOVA EMBA Scholarship are still being accepted. Candidates must meet all general requirements for enrollment in EMBA. In addition, they must also apply for the scholarship by submitting a social entrepreneurship project idea. Those wishing to participate in the competition for the scholarship should submit their entries by September 15.

What kind of projects are eligible?

Prospective students should apply for the NOVA EMBA Scholarship by preparing a 5,000 to 6,000-word business plan that highlights their entrepreneurial initiative with a social focus. The business plan should be about starting or building on an existing business that solves a social problem of the applicant’s choice. This plan should showcase their entrepreneurial idea, covering aspects like social or environmental goals, innovation, sustainability, involving stakeholders, measuring social impact, managing finances and operations, feasibility, and forming partnerships. Applicants should also include their professional resume. Those interested can apply for the scholarship before getting accepted into the program, but they’ll receive it only after being approved for admission.

How will the entries be evaluated and awarded?

The NOVA EMBA Scholarship candidates will be assessed by a panel consisting of AUBG’s faculty, administration members, and representatives from NOVA TV. The competition’s jury will evaluate all applications and choose five finalists. Those who make it to the final round will present their projects in person to the jury at the Elieff Center for Education and Culture, in Studentski Grad, Sofia, on September 30. The winner’s name will be announced by October 6 at the latest, and the award ceremony is set for October 20 during a special gala celebrating the 20th anniversary of AUBG’s Executive MBA.

NOVA EMBA Scholarship

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