Marketing Students Create Proposals for Coca-Cola HBC

February 15, 2023
Marketing Students Create Proposals for Coca-Cola HBC

Coca-Cola HBC, member of the AUBG Corporate advisory board, entered the marketing classroom to present the case of Fanta. AUBG students from three senior level courses developed marketing proposals for the brand during the Fall ‘22 semester. 

A presentation and discussion on the brand allowed students to better understand the product and the brand guidelines.

“I have to say, I was very impressed with the engagement the students showed and with the quality of the students’ questions,” Professor Carter Mandrik said about the project. “And so was the Coca-Cola team, which they conveyed during the presentation and to me afterward.”

The best student proposals were shared with the Coca-Cola team to be applied as part of their development process.  

The presentation was part of the traditional marketing syllabus: companies present real-life cases in front of the students. The latter ones, on their side, analyze the market and the product placement then prepare in-depth proposals for marketing campaigns as final course assignments. 

With this assignment, Coca-Cola gave AUBGers the opportunity to once again experience the hands-on educational approach in the classroom.  

“The partnership with the Coca-Cola company allowed us to try our hand at developing a new product for a world-renowned company,” said second-year student Lyubomir Yanchev. “Designing and marketing a new Fanta drink that could potentially hit the shelf was truly exciting. It gave us the chance to put our business knowledge to the test, and it was a wonderful challenge. This project elevated the experience of our marketing course to the next level.”