AADF Scholar Marin Kutrolli: AUBG Offers Many Possibilities for Students from Albania

January 28, 2017 Despina Koleva-Hristova
AADF Scholar Marin Kutrolli: AUBG Offers Many Possibilities for Students from Albania

AUBG student Marin Kutrolli leads an active life, full of academic challenges and extracurricular experiences. A dedicated learner both inside and outside the classroom, Kutrolli deservingly earned a scholarship to AUBG from the Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF).

Now in his third year at the university, he has immersed himself in the pursuit of educational excellence as well as personal fulfillment.

Extracurricular Activities

Kutrolli is majoring in Economics and minoring in Mathematics, with the prospect of turning his minor into a second major. In addition, he has also taken part in a variety of activities outside the classroom. “Throughout AUBG, I’ve participated in different clubs and organizations,” Kutrolli said, mentioning Radio Aura, TEDxAUBG and the AUBG Business Club, where he serves as a vice president.

He has also held a number of tutoring positions, mostly in the fields of mathematics and economics. Currently, Kutrolli also acts as a student advisor – a position he truly enjoys. “It’s my opportunity to give back to the university and to help students, especially freshmen,” he said. Giving back is a recurring theme throughout the conversation with Kutrolli.

“As anybody, I would like to give back to my alma mater.”

AUBG and Albania

“The idea is to promote the university in the region as a key point in gathering talent and offering opportunities.” Albanian students are really gifted, Kutrolli said. “I see a huge potential in my friends and students younger than me,” he added.

Contributing to his home country is also among Kutrolli’s priorities. “This is a very common topic that we often discuss with other students like me, who are part of the same scholarship; and we also discuss it with members of AADF.” Kutrolli is eager to talk at length about the AADF scholarship, as well as the other financial aid opportunities at AUBG.

The AADF and AUBG Scholarships

AADF approached him because of his excellent academic results and portfolio. Upon his enrollment, the Albanian found out that there are even more scholarship opportunities offered to AUBG students.

“As I came here, I realized there are a few ways to obtain a scholarship and there are different scholarships and different requirements,” he explained. Kutrolli regards the AADF scholarship as very well-thought-out. “As I am advancing towards my fourth year right now, I understand that the internship and the project, and every other requirement that they put through the way, [are] of significant importance.”

In addition, he stated that the AADF team has been very active in meeting the needs of its scholars.

Advice for Future Students

As for young people aspiring to become part of AUBG, Kutrolli’s advice is simple – rigorous academic work and a good portfolio of extracurricular activities.

“And then you will become this guy or girl – the ambassador of Albania – to this university.”

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