Manager Magazine: AUBG’s EMBA – An Incubator for Professionals

June 15, 2022
Manager Magazine: AUBG’s EMBA – An Incubator for Professionals

Manager Magazine, a leading business publication in Bulgaria, talked to current AUBG EMBA student Victor Serafimov. Read author Alec Vuchkov’s interview and learn more about Serafimov’s experience as a law and media professional and his observations on the EMBA program. The interview has been translated from Bulgarian. 

Victor Serafimov is a lawyer and holds a Ph.D. in International Law and International Relations. For the last five years, he has been a Board member of the Bulgarian National Radio first and subsequently of the Bulgarian National Television. His managerial career took him to AUBG’s EMBA program. He shares his observations on what makes the Program relevant and valuable.

Why did you decide to opt for the AUBG EMBA program?

My work in public media management taught me that a good manager needs to have a sound legal knowledge base to build upon systematic knowledge in a vast number of areas – from accounting and human resources management to strategic planning and development. My research showed me that the best way to make up for the deficits I have in some of these areas is through additional education and my search led me to the top-ranked EMBA programs in Europe. After talking to AUBG graduates, I knew it was the optimal blend of contemporary theory and practice in all fields related to effective management. Taking the decision was then quick and easy.

What are the teaching methods at the Program?

The professors come from practice, and they understand the role and importance of theory in the context of real life. They present the theoretical statements through cases that track the dimensions and implications of different solutions in similar situations. This gives a thorough understanding of most situations that we face. We get an idea of which approach will be successful in a particular situation and, more importantly, why. This helps avoids template tactics towards the understanding and evaluating of specific conditions that can often result in significant financial damage.

What other factors make the Program meaningful?

Students are another significant factor. They are accomplished managers with experience in their areas that are united by the goal of getting better at their jobs. From this point of view, they are the deciding factor for the Program’s quality. They turn the Program into an incubator for good ideas, better professional results and lasting friendships.

In what ways will the Program change your career?

I am sure that it will help me get better at my job. This is from immediate importance to me, but in turn, it also benefits the development of the business and the public sphere in which I operate. The Program is useful for any manager who wants to upgrade their skills and become even better at what they do. Last but not least, this is also a place where one is will find good friends with a similar understanding of their professional development.


THE EXECUTIVE MBA OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN BULGARIA takes place in Sofia and is scheduled in a way that is convenient for working professionals. The Program is accredited in the U.S. and Bulgaria and includes a business trip and visits to leading European companies where students are introduced to real business situations and practices.