Ilija Lazovski (’04) on his Journey from AUBG to Corporate Excellence

November 03, 2023
Ilija Lazovski (’04) on his Journey from AUBG to Corporate Excellence

Ilija Lazovski has a rich background in business and management. He achieved his major in Business Administration from AUBG in 2004, setting the foundation for a successful career. In 2005, Ilija started his professional journey at P&G, gaining valuable experience and insights into the corporate world. Eager to further enhance his knowledge, he pursued an MBA at Sheffield University in 2014, solidifying his expertise in the business domain.

Currently, Ilija is based in Skopje, North Macedonia, where he holds a pivotal role, overseeing the Macedonian market at Henkel since 2016, demonstrating his commitment and proficiency in the industry.


Ilija’s journey at AUBG started thanks to a scholarship opportunity he received together with the acceptance letter for the university. “Along with 10 other students from Macedonia, I was given the opportunity to study at AUBG with the financial support of the Open Society Institute Foundation. Along with a recommendation from several alumni, both were the key to choosing AUBG which further opened the doors to my first employment at Procter & Gamble.”

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AUBG impact

At AUBG, every aspect of academic life shaped Ilija’s character and professional outlook. “Every subject, homework, presentation, collaboration, and learning shaped my character. All experiences at AUBG are a thread of principles, values, and knowledge that guided me through the years and shaped my personal and professional life.”
The close-knit AUBG community played a significant role in Ilija’s growth. “I had the chance to develop personal and meaningful relationships within the community in several aspects – participated in the AUBG choir, the debate workshops, had long and fruitful discussions over a drink with several of my professors, etc.”

“The AUBG community is at the heart of the overall educational process since it expands the student’s horizons beyond the curriculum.”

AUBG prepared Ilija to smoothly transition into the professional world. “The sum of all learning and experiences during the whole AUBG period make the student ready to dive into the ‘real world’. Personally, I felt I had a head start within my first job because of the similarities between what I had learned and the way I had learned it.”
Among the impactful figures during his time at AUBG, professors Marla Howard and Howard Foster left a lasting influence. “Many of the professors were great, and we enjoyed their classes. I had the chance to develop a great relationship with professors Marla Howard and Howard Foster, who were teaching Accounting and Business Strategy, respectively.”

AUBG alumni network

Being an AUBG alumnus has not only enriched Ilija’s professional network but also allowed him to maintain strong bonds with fellow alumni.

“The AUBG alumni organization has been very active, and this is the key for every student after graduating to stay in touch and contribute to AUBG in any way possible.”

He kept on developing and growing his professional network ever since.

Piece of Advice

Learn, laugh, and enjoy every second of it. Also never give up 🙂

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