Boyan Nedyalkov Wins the NOVA EMBA Scholarship Competition

November 21, 2023 Yenlik O'Neill
Boyan Nedyalkov Wins the NOVA EMBA Scholarship Competition

Boyan Nedyalkov won the NOVA EMBA Scholarship competition with his social entrepreneurship project that aims to change the healthcare system through free regular screening examinations for prostate, breast, and cervical cancers. 

The Path to Pursuing an MBA   

Nedyalkov’s path to pursuing an MBA was guided by a profound desire to create a more significant impact within the healthcare sector.  

In his role at Intermedica Group – a company dedicated to healthcare improvement through innovative medical equipment, Nedyalkov recognized the weight of decisions he made, understanding that they not only impacted the businesses he worked for, but also had profound implications for the lives of those who depended on the healthcare system.  

Driven by his aspirations, he transitioned into the business of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapies at his current company. As this shift required a deeper understanding of crucial business concepts, Nedyalkov decided to pursue an MBA program to enhance the quality and impact of his decisions.   

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On choosing AUBG’s EMBA Program 

When asked about his choice of AUBG’s EMBA program, Boyan Nedyalkov emphasized the significance of the connections he would develop during his EMBA journey. He acknowledged that the people surrounding him could play a pivotal role in his success.  

 “I had opportunities to pursue an MBA abroad, but ultimately, Bulgaria is where I want to live and grow,” he said. “That is why I have chosen to surround myself with like-minded individuals, with whom we can develop the region we grew up in and love as our home. AUBG is the one place in Eastern Europe, where this goal could be achieved on the highest possible level.” 

The NOVA EMBA Scholarship Project    

When working on his project, Boyan posed a fundamental question to himself: “How can I help as many people as possible in the field of oncology?” 

“For a while, I’ve known that there’s no magic bullet to cure cancer and that the only way to significantly reduce mortality from this disease is through a step-by-step process,” said Nedyalkov. “With this in mind, I decided to find an innovative way to use our most powerful weapon against cancer as of yet – regular screening.” 

In his business plan, Nedyalkov highlighted several points that would have an overall positive impact – from accessibility of appointment scheduling for the patients to major financial savings within the healthcare system itself. 

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EMBA Goals

Nedyalkov’s aspirations extended beyond personal and professional growth. In addition to building valuable connections, he expressed a keen interest in learning more about the intricacies of creating and managing sustainable business projects. In his opinion, this knowledge would not only provide him with a more effective overview of his current role in the healthcare sector but also be instrumental in fulfilling his future social entrepreneurship plans. 

The Challenges Ahead   

As Nedyalkov looks to bring his social entrepreneurship project to life, he anticipates that one of his challenges will be navigating within the healthcare system itself. The implementation of his project requires substantial support from various stakeholders to thaw the frozen wheels of change within the healthcare sector.   

A Glimpse into the Future   

Nedyalkov firmly believes that incredible accomplishments are often the result of collaboration among people with varied experiences and backgrounds.  

“I’m confident that the EMBA program at AUBG is the ideal place to connect with great individuals, exchange ideas and experiences, and achieve success together,” said Nedyalkov. “That is why I am doing it, and that is why you should do it too!”

If you want to hear more from him, you could watch the interview with him on Nova TV.

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