AUBG Executive MBA Seeking Talent from Kosovo

April 02, 2024
AUBG Executive MBA Seeking Talent from Kosovo

Established in 2003, the AUBG EMBA Program is the first Executive MBA program in Bulgaria and has successfully educated the business leaders of the region for two decades. It is a highly selective program recognized worldwide for its practical curriculum that provides up-to-date skills for high performance in a complex global business environment.

Accredited in both Bulgaria and USA, the successful completion of the program results in a diploma recognized both in Europe and the United States. The program curriculum is devised based on the best world practices and is constantly updated to meet the ever-changing requirements of the business world. The EMBA at AUBG gathers leading professionals from various industries who, during the sixteen-month (four-term) program study all integral subjects in Business Administration using case studies, preparing team projects and presentations and writing academic papers. The Program also features a Business Trip abroad that enables the students to learn from real-world business situations and practices at leading international companies.

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“I wanted to have access to a broader business world from different industries and perspectives, in order to incorporate those in my business tool kit and enjoy a new experience in my life creating friendships and network,” said Teuta Sadiku (EMBA ’22) from Pristina who works as a business process manager at Quipu GmbH. She said that her experience as a management professional for more than 10 years now taught her a lot, but she was missing the academic experience and the classroom learning among professors and classmates. “This would also align with my goals of the future, which is to have a broader knowledge business-wise and have my own business that would make a change in society.“

She chose the Executive program at AUBG to share experience with other professionals in the sphere but also because it was a good combination of educational factors. “As AUBG is located close to Kosovo where I live and work, it made it easier for me to attend a wonderful university that provides both the American and European approach into the business world,” she said.

“The fact that the EMBA program is recognized worldwide and is a highly selective one made me attracted to it.”

For Sadiku, the classroom dynamics are the strength of the AUBG EMBA program. “The study materials are carefully selected and contemporary, which makes us feel like being in the heart of business trends and innovations,” she said. “The classmates are all professionals coming from a broad range of industries who contribute to lively classroom debates and an exceptional sharing experience. I enjoy it because it creates a community dedicated to empowering and inspiring each other. It gives you the possibility to find friendships but also build a powerful network for the future. I would highly recommend AUBG’s EMBA program to anyone who wants to upgrade their careers, learn new things from the most recent business trends and enjoy this experience with a diverse and wonderful community and network that stays for life.

“I am more than happy with the choice I have made, and I must say that AUBG has exceeded my expectations I had for the program and for the university in general. It is a wonderful experience, and it is indeed difficult to explain it in words.”

Upon completing the AUBG EMBA Program, the alumni report a significant salary increase, being promoted at their workplace or starting their own successful businesses.

Open Enrollment and Elective Courses

The AUBG EMBA Program also offers students the opportunity to take selected credit courses without enrolling in the program. If the student enrolls afterward in the EMBA program, the credits from that course/s will count towards their degree. The courses perfectly suit the needs of business professionals and decision-makers, AUBG alumni and friends, personal growth seekers, and management professionals. You can learn more about the Open Enrollment Courses here.

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Students can also benefit from elective courses. As a modern knowledge institution, AUBG is taking an active role in curating and offering contemporary learning experiences for professionals and companies interested in continuous enhancement of their knowledge, capacities and skills. These learning experiences are in domains such as business and personal growth, which are very current, and which have been identified as most needed by active professionals and business leaders.

Tailor-Made Courses

AUBG also offers tailor-made courses based on specific company needs. The university follows the best hybrid education practices in an aim to offer the most convenient education mode to the students and their employers.


You can learn more about the tuition and financing options here.

Application Requirements:

  • Completed application form
  • Two essays (topics included in the application form)
  • Two professional recommendations
  • Resume or professional CV
  • Undergraduate and/or graduate diploma and transcript from an accredited institution of higher education. (If the original is not in English, please provide a notarized English translation).
  • Valid English Proficiency Test results
  • Professional Interview

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