AUBG EMBA Cohort 2015 – “High level professionals– all in very good spirits”

January 30, 2015 Nelly Ovcharova
AUBG EMBA Cohort 2015 – “High level professionals– all in very good spirits”

In January 2015, AUBG welcomed the new Executive MBA cohort. The twenty-three professionals are expected to finish the 16-month program, based in Sofia, in May 2016, after gaining in-depth knowledge of the core areas of business. In addition, the program’s US and Bulgarian accreditation, together with its strong alumni network and innovative curriculum, promise excellent career enhancement prospects after graduation.

This year, the EMBA students come from a variety of prominent Bulgarian and international companies, including Philip Morris Bulgaria LTD, Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria, Helion Market Research, Husqvarna BG LTD, to name a few. The average student age is 35, and the average years of work experience is 9. Another interesting fact is that this year the number of male and female participants in the program is almost equal. Among the courses that the ambitious leaders will take are European Business Environment, Marketing Management, Operations Business, Strategic Management, and Entrepreneurship.

Besides their in-class preparation, they will also be able to attend lectures by business leaders, diplomats, and government officials who will share their views on topics like Leadership, Globalization, Corporate Governance, and EU Integration. One episode everyone eagerly expects is the traditional week-long trip to a city in Western Europe, where the students visit global companies’ headquarters and gain first-hand knowledge in their business processes and operations.

This year, the chosen destination is Copenhagen. For the first time in its history, this January the EMBA program started on the AUBG Skaptopara Campus in Blagoevgrad with an Orientation Day that impressed and inspired the participants who are just beginning their academic career at AUBG.

“I chose the AUBG EMBA Program in order to improve my performance, especially in areas where I lack the expertise and academic background needed. Another very important feature that I was looking for was the practical one, the ability to exchange knowledge and experience with other leaders and collect ideas and advice I can immediately implement in my everyday work,” shares Eva Alexandrova, Business Unit Manager for Helion Market Research, when asked why she decided to enroll in the AUBG EMBA program.

Ivan Ivanov, Regional Area Manager for the Vision Care Division of Alcon, built on Eva’s answer: “I did enjoy the classes when I first visited and found the style of teaching not only on a high professional level but very real-life practical. But the moment I was sold was when I started talking to the other students: high-level managers and professionals from all sorts of different industries, all in very good spirits.” Story by Nelly Ovcharova