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America for Bulgaria Foundation

The America for Bulgaria Foundation was established in 2009 with the mission to assist in strengthening a vibrant market economy and the institutions of democratic society in Bulgaria, helping the country to realize its full potential as a successful, modern European nation; to enhance the longstanding legacy of goodwill and friendship between the American and Bulgarian people and through many of its programs, to promote the US – Bulgaria people-to-people contacts and exchange of ideas and resources; to represent the generous face of the American people and embodies the highest standards of US ethical conduct, transparency, and core values.

Ever since it was established ABF remains one of the greatest AUBG supporters. ABF has empowered generations of AUBG students and we are grateful for their friendship and support. Thanks to ABF more than 350 students have received support in obtaining high-quality education at AUBG through the generous funding exceeding $22MM. The available scholarships financed by ABF are the America for Bulgaria Distinguished Scholarship, Borgatti Scholarship and the Roma Scholarship. However, ABF’s support does not stop here.

In 2012 a new fabulous building opened its doors on the AUBG Skaptopara campus. It was named after ABF due to the foundation’s crucial role in the realization of this project. ABF donated $8MM to the project and made possible the construction of the state-of-the-art structure that was awarded “Building of the Year” in 2013. With the strong support of ABF AUBG is continuing to educate young people and contributing to the development of the region. The latest ABF contribution to AUBG is its support to the AUBG Long-Term Sustainability Strategy and Organizational Study Project.


The American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA)  has been supporting AUBG since 1998 with an amount of more than $11MM. ASHA is one of the first and most important partners of the American University in Bulgaria.

The generous support of the agency is fundamentally valuable and important to the AUBG community, as it not only provides students with an opportunity to participate in sports and to have a modern art venue equipped with everything necessary for professional theater production, but also gives them an opportunity to live in a comfortable and safe environment and acts as a tool for bonding and overcoming social, cultural, and national differences. ASHA’s kind support to the construction of the new library building was an important milestone in the modernization of Panitza Library. It was an essential step to enhancing the Library’s role as a welcoming, supportive, and vibrant learning environment.  The last grant awarded in April 2017 for AUBG i-Hub aims to provide students with an introduction to technological advances that are enabling rapid innovation and driving change in business, computer science, mathematics, information sciences and media and journalism.

Open Society Institute 

The Open Society Institute was founded in 1979 by George Soros. The Open Society Scholarship Programs aims to promote critical thinking, free and open intellectual inquiry, and cross-cultural tolerance and respect.

The successful partnership between the American University in Bulgaria and the Open Society Institute dates back to 1992. Throughout the years OSI has supported AUBG by more than $36MM. Over 3000 scholarships were distributed to students from 23 countries amounting to $27MM.


The successful partnership between AUBG and AADF was established in 2012. Over $650,000 were awarded to 22 students from 4 cohorts (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015).

There are no better ambassadors to promote the mission and values of AADF, not only in Albania and Europe but worldwide, than the beneficiaries of its scholarships. It is our hope that the AADF scholars will apply their knowledge and skills acquired at the American University in Bulgaria to transform their community.

Tianaderrah Foundation 

The Tianaderrah Foundation is a personal philanthropy vehicle founded by Robert Livingston Gipson in 1996. Since 2001, he has been honoring the memory of his late mother, who passed away when he was only 4, by donating to causes he believes would have mattered to her. The foundation supports educational and cultural organizations in the Upstate New York region, as well as national entities such as Sweet Briar College, Princeton, Hunter College and New York University. A third of distributions, which total approximately $2 million per year, is allocated internationally, particularly in Bulgaria (his spouse Nellie Gipson’s native country).

Nellie and Robert Gipson  together with Mila Lozanova, the foundation's president, are among AUBG’s dearest friends and main supporters. Since 2000 they have donated more than $342,000 dedicated for scholarships for students from the Black sea region and unrestricted purposes.

American Foundation for Bulgaria

 The American Foundation for Bulgaria was established in  2004. It finances a number of joint programs in Bulgaria in  the sectors of education, cultural and historical heritage,  awards scholarships for students enrolled in Bulgarian universities and funds archaeological excavations. The foundation has been providing scholarships for AUBG students since 2006. Its generous support of more than $70,000 has enabled outstanding young people to opportunity to pursue a degree at the university.


The AUBG Society of Fellows recognizes private cumulative giving, since 1991, in support of AUBG

University Benefactors

America for Bulgaria Foundation

George Soros - Open Society Institute

American Schools and Hospitals Abroad

Anna K. Tchaprachikoff

Athanas A. Zamphiroff

J. Dimitri Panitza

Balkanski Family

Philippe Bertherat

US Embassy of Turkmenistan

Panitza Fellows

Brother’s Brother Foundation

Eliot Elieff

The International Media Fund

Marianne M. Keler

The Salgo-Noren Foundation

Albanian – American Development Foundation

Davidson Fellows

Ralph P. Davidson

Elvin Guri

Richard J. Ramsden

John C. Whitehead

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Sallie Mae Fund

Nellie & Robert Gipson

Carl Djerassi

Presidential Fellows


Chris von Christierson

Gerard van der Sluys

Gordon E. Cadwgan

David T. Flanagan

Dimitar Tsotsorkov

Norris Darrell Jr.

William J. Hume

Claude Janssen

Lumina Foundation for Education

Charlotte S. Metcalf

MobilTel EAD

Nancy R. Newhouse-Iovenko

Telerik AD

The Nando Peretti Foundation

The Starr Foundation

Vassil Terziev



Thomas W. Bird

Duke Franz Foundation

Craig Hall

Ann S. Ferren and Jonathan D. Fife

Freedom Forum

Nan Frederick

Mary Lee Herbster

Terry Hopkins

ING Bank – Sofia Branch

Jules T. Kortenhorst

HRH Princess Maria Luisa of Bulgaria

Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria

Representation of the European

Commission in Bulgaria

Harrison Richardson

Leon M. Selig

Steve Sullivan

Andrey Delchev

Yury Zabello ('03)

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