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Alumni Pledge

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We asked several alumni if they are willing to give back

Join the Alumni Pledge

  • You can direct your contribution to any of the causes listed in the AUBG Donation form, such as AUBG Scholarships, Student Clubs, Naming Opportunities, Panitza Library, Current Projects and Initiatives and others. There is a detailed description for every cause.

  • You can donate via the AUBG website directly to the university, as well as through bank transfer or other options. In case you need any assistance, please contact the Development Office at [email protected].

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I was delighted to learn that my efforts had been rewarded with the Skill Force Scholarship. I hope one day I will be able to give back to the AUBG community and inspire future generations, too!

Anika Shinikova Skill Force Scholarship Recipient

Talented hard-working young people should not be prevented from getting the best possible education.

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It's in alumni's best interest to support in every way AUBG academic success and economic prosperity

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As alumni, we must invest in the continued effort of our region to transform itself.

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