Apply for English Preparation

Master your English and apply to AUBG or any other English-speaking university

English for Academic Purposes

  • Complete your application form.

  • Write a letter explaining why you want to study English or why are you interested in AUBG. It should be no longer than one page and don't forget to put your name at the top.

  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, guidance counselor, or an academic adviser familiar with your academic performance and potential for leadership. The letter can be written in English, Bulgarian or Russian and must contain the name, signature and contact information of the recommending person.

  • If you have not completed high school at the time of applying, you must present an official high school transcript for the last 3 years of school. If you have already completed your high school, please submit a copy of your high school diploma with the final grades.

    Transcripts should have your name, the school’s contact information and signature of a school official, subjects taken and grades earned with a calculated annual grade point average (GPA). The documents could be either in English, Bulgarian or Russian.

    Applicants are recommended to have a minimum 3.0 grade point average out of 4.0.

  • If you have already taken an English proficiency test, you should arrange to have it sent to AUBG. E.g. official TOEFL scores are sent to AUBG by ETS.

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Admission Decision

An official letter will be sent to the student at the mailing address stated in the application form, within four weeks after all required documents are received at the AUBG Admissions Office.